green daisy
I recently read an article from Joel Osteen that jumped in my spirit. I wanted to share this article with you today. I believe this is the season we are in, where we are going to see suddenlies…things change in an instant. There is one thing in particular that I want to see changed in my life, in an instant, this article caused me faith to arise even bigger for this one thing. Maybe you have ‘one thing’ you would love to see changed ‘in an instant’ if so, lay hold of this testimony and declare you see an ‘in an instant’ change as well. Enjoy!

A few years ago, one of our faithful members had a major stroke. He was only in his mid-50’s, but he was paralyzed on the whole left side of his body. The prognosis wasn’t good. He was told that with intense therapy, he might be able to regain his speech, but he would never be able to walk again. For two years, he had no feeling on the left side of his body. He was in a wheelchair. He had to have constant care. It didn’t look good, but this man had been coming to Lakewood. He knew God could breathe in his direction. He knew all God had to do was shift the winds and blow healing and restoration his way.

One morning he woke up and suddenly, he began to have feeling on the left side of his body. The doctors, the therapists, the nurses were all amazed. They couldn’t understand it. Long story short, not long after that, he walked into Lakewood with no help for the first time since he had had that stroke, and he spoke just as clearly as anyone in the building. He didn’t stumble when he walked. He didn’t limp. He walked like nothing had ever been wrong. What happened? He came into a shift. God breathed in his direction. What he could not do in his own power, in his own strength, in an instant, it became possible.

Maybe you have struggled in an area-your health, your finances or with a relationship for a long time, and you keep wondering, “Is it ever going to change?” God is saying, “Yes. A shift is coming. In an instant, I’m going to move you out of sickness into health. In an instant, I’m going to move you out of lack into abundance. I’m going to move you out of struggle into ease. I’m about to give you what you did not deserve.”

Now you need to get ready. Because you have been faithful and honored God, I believe He is going to put you in a position you could have never gotten to on your own. Doors are going to open for you that have not opened before. What should have taken you 40 years to accomplish, God is going to do in a split second. Open your heart and receive it by faith because things are about to change in an instant!

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26, NIV)
Declare today that your shift has come and your ‘in an instant’ season is here. Declare today that you see the manifestation in fullness of that thing you are believing for change in. That’s what I am doing this very day. God Bless!