For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity. Acts 8:23

The other day I received an email from one of our readers. She was believing God for several miracles: healing, financial blessing and more. She is a strong woman of God, and it is hard to move her. On that day, something had hit her that devastated her. And she wrote to me for advice on what to do. She was so hurt, disappointed and angry by the thing her loved one had done. She needed counsel.

I told her that what had happened to her was horrible and I could absolutely sympathize with her feelings, and she had every right to feel that way, however, to pick herself back up, and begin to say what the Word of God says about your loved one and the situation. I said to her, “don’t give any place to the devil, don’t allow him to think he has slowed you down one bit.”

It was a tough answer, I know. After I wrote it, it concerned me a little and I thought maybe I should have been more sympathetic, but God corrected me. He reminded me of something He had told me to always watch out for. He had said, “just before a breakthrough, bitterness and unforgiveness will try to come, give it no place, trust Me and refuse bitterness.”

That command has stayed with me for many years. When bitterness tries to come, I remember what the Lord has said, and I do my best to refuse bitterness and anger. I don’t allow it to lodge in my heart, no matter what comes my way.

This is what happened to the lady who wrote to me, bitterness had tried to come. But she did not accept it. She cried for a moment, then picked herself back up and said what God says and she forgave and let it go. That was not an easy decision for her to make – her heart was involved. But more than that, she wanted the will of God, therefore, she humbled herself before God and forgave.

I am reminded of a movie I once watched about a kingdom.

The queen had fallen in love with a man other than her husband. Her husband found out and went to her and asked her what she wanted to do. She replied, “my emotions, my feelings come and are gone in a moment, but it is my will that holds me steady in life.”

You see, it is that way with us. We can’t be led by our feelings. They come and they go. It is our will, our ability to choose Gods way, that holds us steady in life.

This woman of God, she could have been angry for a few weeks and allowed that bitterness to settle in. It would have then been much harder to deal with, but she didn’t. She got rid of it right away. She literally kicked the devil in the teeth. In doing so she was declaring, “you have no power over me; I will say only what God says.” The enemy can do nothing with a person like that.

Do you need a breakthrough? If so, beware of the traps of the enemy. Beware of bitterness. Beware of unforgiveness. The Bible says it is poison and will keep you bound. The Bible also teaches us that bitterness rots the bones.

Bitterness is sometimes sly, you may not even realize it is there.

Years ago, my wrists were giving me a lot of trouble, they ached all the time.

I began praying about them and God kept saying to me, “bitterness rots the bones.”

I didn’t even put the two together until God had spoken that to me for several days. Then it hit home with me, and I began to check my heart. I found I was indeed holding bitterness about a situation. I exposed it, repented of it, and made it right. Don’t you know, my wrists stopped hurting and haven’t hurt since? I had bitterness and didn’t realize it. Bitterness is poison. It is bondage and it will block your blessing.

Ephesians 4:31 says let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you.

You have the power to choose. Is what you are holding on to worth the cost? It could be costing you your blessing, is it worth it? I would say not. Then let it go. Repent of it and make it right. Then walk on in His forgiveness and get ready to be blessed. Love always forgives, love always believes the best in others, and love never fails. Our God is love, should we not walk as He walks?

A reader sent me an email a short while ago. Although I don’t recall exactly what it said, (I wish I had kept it) He said something like, “Don’t you believe love is the greatest weapon, like a bomb in the face of the enemy.”

I believe this man was absolutely correct – LOVE is the greatest weapon – may we use it daily. When we react in love instead of bitterness, hate, anger or unforgiveness, it blows up the enemy’s plan. Whatever he is trying to do in your life blows up in his face. I just love the mental picture of that, don’t you?!