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The Bible says we are saved/ delivered by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. People have been healed and set free by other people’s testimonies…that’s why we love to share them…and to Praise the Lord with them. Let’s rejoice with those today who are sharing their testimonies and let’s pray that it is only the beginning for them…

I wanted to share my testimony about the 1,000 fold return. I gave a small amount ($5) towards the request for Breanne’s house situation. I kept believing God for this return. I was praying for my husband to be paid what he was worth because he does so much for the company. He has been with them for over 25 years, but does not have a degree. He is an engineer. Therefore, without a degree, the pay scale is on the low end. He was interviewed for a position that would be a promotion. As I was praying for him, God told me enough was enough. This meant, God was going to intervene to make it right with my husband’s pay range. My husband didn’t get the promotion and we were fine with this decision. He would have had to travel to Mexico a lot and leave his family behind most of the time. God knew what was best. The VP spoke with my husband to make sure there were no hard feelings about being overlooked. The VP asked my husband his pay range. My husband told him. The VP replied, “That’s too low, you should be up here.” The VP promised to get my husband’s pay range changed. I knew this meant “enough was enough”. My husband was told the pay raise would have to go through in July. A few weeks later, my husband’s boss came to him and told him the raise would go through April 1st. My husband and I calculated what the yearly salary raise ($5,000) came out to be and it was the 1,000 fold return to what I had donated to Breanne’s house. God is so good! I love how God stepped in and said “enough is enough”. For years, my husband was being taken advantage of by the company because he didn’t have the degree. God knew my husband had the knowledge and was a valuable asset to the company. Therefore, He made the pay raise happen. God is so good! He is concerned about every little need in our lives.



I am responding back to you with a praise report after receiving prayer from you on Monday April 28, 2015. My spouse and I have ended our month stronger and more peace, yes our prayers were answered the end of the month and financially we are in a better place than the beginning of the month. My spouse had a 1965 Chevy panel truck that he had fixed up about seven years ago. He and my son were on their way to a car show, but before he left the drive way, it caught on fire. You talk about praising God that morning. He and my son escaped uninjured and was able to put the fire out. The miracle of this testimony is the panel truck didn’t get completely destroyed. So, he decided to dismantle all the vehicle parts – the engine, tires, everything that was salvageable he kept.

Well, one day I asked him “Why don’t you just sell all those parts that are sitting back in the shed?” His response to me “No, I am not ready. I am going to keep them for my next panel truck.” I said OK. Finally, at the beginning of this month, I went too him prayerfully again and said “I think it’s time to sell the parts and engine – let’s have a yard sale.” Oh my, he was in agreement with me this time. Did you hear me? THIS TIME! Timing is so important, We gathered together everything we wanted to sell at our yard sale. We had our yard sale like the second weekend of April. We don’t like doing yard sales but we took a step of faith, and with Gods help, made it happen. My spouse had 3 big items at the yard sale that would financially bless us. So one of the 3 items was small block 350 rebuilt engine. He Had a few inquiries… Well we were just about to clean up the yard sale and someone stops by and inquires about the engine – they said I’ll be back to get the engine. We waited and no show. A few days later, the gentlemen shows up who inquired about the engine at the day of the yard sale. Well, they went in the back where the engine was. He wanted the engine, but wanted my spouse to install the engine. My spouse said no, its better for you to find someone else to install the engine. This was around the time we were having revival at our church, so we really was in high expectations. We watched the spring revival on The Word network the week before, and pastor Jamal Bryant said 30 is the right moment. Before May 1, 2015 gets here, everything is going line up for your right moment. Yes, yes yes! Our right moment arrived! Our nephew showed up, and was talking to his uncle, and he took pictures of the panel truck parts that didn’t sell at our yard sale. This was on April 29, 2015. He placed these pictures on Facebook. On April 30, 2015, my spouse was at work, he calls me and said “My engine is sold!” The price my spouse was asking was $1,000 – the buyer asked if he would accept 100 less and my spouse said “Yes – if would be at our house at 4:30 pm.” He showed up on time.

Thank Jesus for our right moment. “It Is Finished ” My spouse had to release the old so God could restore everything he lost with his panel truck. Now, we are believing God for restoration of his 1965 panel truck that he lost in fire.