I have heard many people make this statement; ‘I will forgive them, but I won’t forget it.’ That is not forgiveness. Think about it, what if Jesus forgave you but didn’t forget it. What if every time He thought of you He said ‘I remember everything she did wrong, I have not forgotten one single thing.’ How could you come before Him and ask Him for anything if you knew that was the case? But it isn’t.

Jesus said that our sins are as far from us as the east is from the west and that’s good news. Can you say the same thing about those who have offended you and you have forgiven them? You should make sure that you are able to – because there is another thing Jesus said when it came to forgiveness.
Female Cardinal
Matthew 6:15 says that if you don’t forgive your brother of their offenses, God will not forgive you either. If there is someone in your life that you are struggling to forgive and it seems it has been there so long that you can’t let it go – then I suggest you do what my great grandmother suggested – put meat on it and the meat will literally pull it out of you. What am I talking about? The meat of the word of God – apply that meat to your situation and it will literally pull the offense out of you.