Today God reminded me of a letter I once read from a partner, it was a great lesson for me therefore I am going to share it with you again, and remind you, as He reminded me.

In her request she was asking for the prayer of agreement for snow, abundant moisture, as she called it. Then she wrote something that JUMPED in my spirit. She wrote ‘our ground is dry, you can’t harvest dry ground.’ WOW!

This stuck in my spirit all day…you can’t harvest dry ground. We all know this to be true in the natural, we call it famine. Dry ground proceeds famine…every single time. Where there is rain there will be a harvest, but where there is no rain, there will be little or no harvest.

As I studied this today I found that the Bible has a lot to say about rain. Psalm 68:9 says that rain confirms our inheritance with God. Rain is a confirmation that we are in covenant and if rain is needed for harvest then harvest is also a sign of our covenant with God.

Psalm 68:8 says that “rain comes with the presence of the Lord.” I personally know that many, many times when I have felt spiritually dry and thirsty, if I will take time to get in the presence of the Lord, He will pour the rain of His spirit on me and I begin to feel refreshed…rain comes with His presence.

Jeremiah 5:24 says that “the Lord gives rain.” The rain you need spiritually can only come from the Lord, nowhere else but the Lord. When Elijah needed it to rain on the earth he bowed himself before the Lord and prayed until he saw evidence that rain was coming. We can do the same thing, if we are feeling dry and thirsty; we can bow ourselves before the Lord and pray until He sends the rain.

You can’t harvest in dry ground. This is a powerful statement. How is the ground of your heart today? Is it dry? Is it lacking the moisture it needs to sow into? How is the ground of your finances? Is it being rained upon? How is the ground of your health? Are you seeing rain that produces harvest in these areas? If not, ask for rain.

Another way of raining on the promises you are trusting God for is with the word of God – speaking the word of God over your life and family and finances and promises on a daily basis will ensure they are receiving the nutrients they need to grow into the fullness of an answered prayer manifested.

If you find that circumstances and situations have depleted all the rain in your life, do as Elijah did, ask for rain. Take a few minutes and spend time with God, knowing that His presence brings His rain.

If you are feeling dry, Zechariah 10:1 says “ask the Lord for rain and He will give it.” That’s a promise to you and I, in times of dryness, ask the Lord for rain and He will give it…he will cause it to rain down abundantly on your ground…to such a degree that your harvest will come forth. Don’t settle for dry ground…you simply can’t harvest dry ground.