We all go through tests and trials, but there is one thing that makes us different, and that is how persuaded we are that we have heard the voice or the word of God. Once we are fully persuaded, it will be evident. In our words, in our heart and especially on our countenance. Have you seen Christians who are ‘believing God’ for something and they look like they have lost everything? That is NOT fully persuaded. If you are fully persuaded, even if you are in the midst of a trial, you shouldn’t look any different than if you just received everything you are believing for. You should praise God the same when you are in the trial as you would when you have come through it. People should not be able to see a difference in your actions or countenance, they should be astounded when you come out and share your testimony. They should say ‘wow, you would have never known they had problems.’ Because you see, if you are really trusting God, we have no problems, we cast that over on him and continue on like we are the victor, which we are. The thing that confuses the enemy the most is when we continue to worship, praise and speak the word of God no matter what he throws at us. And when we continue to walk in peace no matter what, the enemy simply doesn’t know what to do with that.robinlarge