(This month, we will be putting DECLARATIONS in the section below, use these that apply to you to begin to bring change to these areas)HoldingHandsPraying-776x438

Declarations for LIFE

I honor my father and mother therefore things go well with me and my life is long on this earth. When my days are fulfilled I go to my God in peace, at a ripe old age, fully satisfied with life, just like Abraham. And just like Moses, my eyes are not dim, neither is my vigor abated. I continue to yield fruit at every age. As it was with Caleb, I am as strong today as when I was a youth. I am well able to fulfill my destiny and take my land, for as my days are, so shall my strength be. With long life, God satisfies me and daily shows me His salvation. Exodus 20:12, Genesis 15:15, Genesis 25:8, Deut. 34:7, Psalm 92:14, Joshua, 14:11, Deut. 33:25, Psalm 91:16