When you pray a prayer – first of all, you must believe that God hears you and will answer you. Then, when you don’t see the results immediately, you are going to need something to base your faith on – something to stand on while you await the promised answer. If you have failed to get into the word of God and fill your heart and mind with what God says about your situation then you won’t have anything to stand on when doubts come. On the other hand, if you stay in the Bible, reading daily what God has to say about your situation, when the enemy comes to say things to you like ‘you are not going to make it, God is not going to answer you this time.’ You will have enough of the truth of the word of God in you to declare ‘nothing is impossible with my God, I prayed, I believe and here is what the word of God has to say about it, now, Go, in Jesus name!’ 

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