I was pondering the scripture today that says God loves a cheerful giver. I know most of the time we think of money when we hear that scripture but I believe it applies to other areas as well.

Yes, God loves those who give money cheerfully as they are led of the Lord to give and I know from experience that He blesses those who give money, but I want to talk about something else today, if I may.

Every single day of our lives, we give something. We give our time, our energy, we literally give of ourselves. It may be your job or your family, but in one way or another you are giving. My question to you today is; are you a cheerful giver?

When someone asks you to do something for them, do you do it grudgingly or with joy and cheer? When you do your job, are you complaining about your boss or your duties or are you doing your job with a cheerful and grateful heart? When you cook dinner for your spouse, are you doing it with a desire to please or just because it is your duty? When your child asks for your attention, does it annoy you? Or are you willing to lay something aside to share your time cheerfully?

Perhaps you think it doesn’t matter as long as you get the job done but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The motive and attitude of the heart always matters.

The Bible says the issues of life literally flow out of our heart – it is so true. You can tell what is in a person’s heart from their attitude as they do things for others. If they are grumpy and moody, you know immediately where their heart is. On the other hand, if they are cheerful and happy to help, you can be sure their heart is in the right place.

It’s true, sometimes we get busy and can’t do it all – so true – but when we can help someone else, we should do it cheerfully. I know I have talked a lot the past few weeks about being a person who keeps your word – I believe that is very important, if you tell someone you will do something, simply do it.

And do it cheerfully. If you do something for someone, don’t act like you wish you were somewhere else. If that is your attitude, you would be better off just saying no.

God looks on the heart. You can easily look on the heart by paying attention to our actions – since they come from the heart. I read something yesterday where a woman said that God had really been working things out of her this year and I have experienced the same thing. Things I used to get by with, justifying not doing things cheerfully is one of them.

You see, I get very busy and tend to allow other people to think they are interrupting my day if they need something from me, especially family. This shouldn’t be. The fruit of the Spirit should be flowing out of us at all times. We should be able to respond with the heart of God at all times. And I have learned I can respond with the heart of God, if I stop and take the time to remind myself; work is work, ministry is ministry, but people are who God sent Jesus to this earth for. They come first.

In the New Testament we are told to do two things, just two simple things; love the Lord, our God with all our heart, and love our neighbor as ourselves. Everything else hinges on these two. We often find it easy to love God with all our heart; we should love our neighbors and family the same way – with all our heart. With patience, with love, with kindness, with time.