Recently, Breanne and I were talking about vehicles. I shared with her how a Jeep was my favorite vehicle. It’s not what I am driving now, but it is my favorite vehicle and I said to her that I would have another one someday.

As we talked, she began to talk about a Jeep I had several years ago. In our conversation I was reminded that I had given that vehicle away. I had seed in the ground! Not just any kind of seed – JEEP SEED! That excited me.

That seed was sown many years ago – but it is still seed in the ground. As I was thinking about this today, God reminded me of a story I once heard.

The story was about a missionary who was being flown over Africa on his way to a mission trip. In the area he was flying through there were miles and miles of sand and barren land as far as the eye could see.

He and the pilot were talking about how sandy and barren it was, when suddenly he saw an area that was very small and perfectly square. This area was different from the rest of the land, it was overflowing with a lush and wonderful garden.

The missionary exclaimed, “What is this area!?”

The pilot explained that it was an area where the locals had attempted to drill down looking for water. They had indeed found a hidden river far beneath the sand. The area in which they dug was left open and exposed, just to see what would happen.

Much to their surprise things began to grow and grow, until that space was a lush garden.

The missionary questioned the pilot saying, “How did that happen? Did they plant seeds once they discovered the hidden river?”

The pilot responded that they had not planted seeds. He explained that the growth came from seeds planted years ago. They simply came up once they were watered.

It reminded me of the day that God told me He never forgets a seed.

Once a seed is sown, it has a marvelous capability (within itself) to produce a harvest. It only needs the correct conditions, ones that are conducive to growth. In this area of Africa, the only thing lacking was someone taking the time to dig down deep and find water.

I once heard a statement that stays with me even today…

“Every seed DEMANDS a harvest.”

Those are powerful words that I have not been able to forget – every seed demands a harvest.

The Bible says that whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. Once sown, reaping is assured.

I know from experience in the natural if you sow seeds in the ground and refuse to water them, they will lay dormant, they will not produce. I also know if you sow seeds in the ground and tend to them, watering them and keeping the weeds out, they will grow and produce the promised harvest.

Seeds need water.

Many of you have sown seed for years and therefore have a great deal of seed in the ground. Just like my Jeep seed. It’s time for it to come forth

Today, remember your seeds – the ones you have sown recently and the ones you may have forgotten long ago. Are you watering those seeds? We do that with the Word of God. Our seeds grow as we water them with the Word.

Remember, God never forgets a seed. And…Every single seed demands a harvest. Let that sink in.

Friends, nothing is ever lost in God. Those seeds you sowed years ago are still viable. They will produce fruit when the conditions are right. We keep the right atmosphere for harvest with the words of our mouth and our attitude. Together, we will continue to water our seeds until we reap a lush, bountiful harvest.