Yesterday, I shared a little about the faithfulness of God. Today, I want to share another story of His faithfulness with you if I may.

As many of you may have noticed, we recently changed our SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY page. It had a couple things we didn’t like, and we were happy to get it fixed and made easier for our donors. However, in the process, some type of communication was lost between the website and our merchant provider. The outcome of that was that the recurring donations from before the update of that page were no longer processing. Because it was a new system, there seemed to be no way to transfer the existing recurring donation to the new system. All we could do was reach out to our donors and ask them to redo their recurring donation.

This consisted of 76 recurring donations – for our ministry – that is a lot of donations to not have coming in for a month. Kelita and I both noticed donations were not coming through, which is what alerted us to this issue. Our IT guy tried to get it fixed, he is still trying to get it fixed but has not been able to find the root of the problem.

We realized all this in the middle of the month – it looked like we would not meet our budget for the month of August. I sent out emails to our monthly partners, letting them know of this issue. A few responded and updated their recurring donations to the new system but still about 60 of them were still not coming through. My mind began to swirl with negative thoughts and concerns however, I reminded myself that those recurring donations, as much as they are appreciated, are not our source – God is. Therefore, I did what I do. I sowed a seed and sent that seed after our harvest. I declared we would meet our budget regardless of this issue.

Another week went by, and it still was not fixed, no previous donations were coming through – frankly, they are still not coming through – many of our recurring donations are still stuck in the old system.

After I sowed my seed, I would not allow my mind to go to the negative – I continued to declare God is our source and He will provide. And He did. It is now the 30th of August, and we met our budget. I don’t know how other than it was all God.

My friend, I don’t know what you have need of today or how impossible it may look. But this I do know. God is faithful. If you trust Him. And continue to trust Him. Continue to speak His Word. Continue to be led by the spirit and do things His way – He will come through for you.

You may think, well of course He did that for you, you are in ministry. He is not like that. What He did for the ministry, He will do for me personally and what He does for me personally, He will certainly do for you or for anyone who asks and stands on His unfailing Word.

I want you to see His faithfulness in impossible situations. For us, we are not a huge ministry. Seventy-six donations are a big deal to us, and it looked like we couldn’t possibly have what we needed that month – but we did – despite it all. God is faithful.

Have you ever had a season or a time when it seemed the enemy threw everything he had at you? Well, I have had one of those. It started a couple months ago when I decided to set aside thirty days to seek God daily and diligently. To pursue Him and turn off everything else. I began to have things thrown my way, day after day. This financial thing was only one on a long list of attacks that came my way. So, what did I do? I added another thirty days to my pursuit. I will continue that pursuit until I break completely through this season.

When we set our hearts and our face to seek God, the enemy gets afraid. When he is afraid of what you are going to obtain, he begins to throw attacks your way. Don’t let that scare it – it is only proof that you are pressing through to breakthrough. Keep pressing.

As I said earlier, I don’t know what you have need of. But God is wanting me to remind you of His faithfulness. He is always, always faithful. He is your source; He will provide all you have need of. You can trust Him, even and especially when it seems impossible. All things are possible to him who believes and with God, NOTHING is impossible. Today, trust Him and go after all that belongs to you through Christ. Settle for nothing less.