Today I am reminded of a dream I once had.

I dreamed that I was pregnant, and I began having labor pains. I panicked because I was so far from the hospital. Everyone around me kept saying ‘it’s okay, these things take time, it has only started, and it will be awhile.’

Yet, I knew that the pains were coming fast, and I didn’t have enough time to get to the hospital. It as if the baby was coming early although it appeared to be full term.

Suddenly, I could literally feel the baby coming down the birth canal. Now, when I had my only daughter, I had a C-section because she was in trouble. I have no idea what it feels like to have a baby naturally, however in my dream I could feel it coming down my body. I woke up. Even after I was awake I could feel, physically, a baby coming down the birth canal.

It was so odd, and it stayed with me all day long.

I was telling a friend about it and when I said, ‘it felt like it wasn’t time yet.’

As those words came out of my mouth, I remembered a word that Dave Roberson had given me years ago, many years ago.

He said that God sees hearts that are hungry for Him. He continues to say to me ‘and when He sees those kind of hearts, He will come into a situation and change it, even before its appointed time.’

I just love how God reminds you of something to impact where you are today, don’t you!

That word from Pastor Dave was relevant for this very dream. In the dream, the baby was coming before it was even time. Yet it was full term.
I began to think about that and how Dave said that God does that for those who have a heart after him. It reminds me of King David who said, ‘my heart thirsts for You, I long for You.’

That is a heart after God.

I began to wonder how many of us have a heart after God. I know many people who desperately want to see God move on their behalf. But I know very few who have a heart for God. A heart to seek God and follow Him and long for Him. Those, unfortunately, are few and far between.

I will be the first to say that God wants us blessed…because he does. And I will be the first to say we have an inheritance of blessings…. because we do.

I also know that what God longs for most is a people who have a heart after Him. He longs for a people who desire to be with Him more than anything else. He wants us to want Him more than we want that ‘thing’ we are praying for.

The Bible says that God looks for a people whom He can show himself strong on their behalf. He looks daily across the earth, for that person.
That person, I can promise you, has a heart after God. That person, He is looking for, longs to be in His presence. That person, longs to spend time with Him. And that person, is more concerned with pleasing God than with what He has for them. THAT is a person with whom God wants to show Himself strong on their behalf.

I think today we need to do a heart-check and see what and who has our heart. Does your job have your heart? Does your family have your heart? Does money have your heart? Does your gift have your heart? Does lack have your heart? Nothing should have your heart but God.

Yes, we are to love our family and treat them well. Yes, it is wonderful to love our job and do it well. Yes, God has given us gifts and that is great. But nothing besides God should have our heart. Who is your God today and do you long to be with Him?

That, my friend, is the question of the day, who has your heart?

Prayer for today: My prayer God is that you would give me a hungry heart, not only today, but every day, hungry for you God and your word. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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