Monday morning began with God leading me to pray a specific audio prayer over our partners.  One declaring winter had passed and spring had come – a time of rejoicing was upon us.  I completed the prayer and emailed it to all our partners and went about my day.  Then, Kelita sent me a prophetic word from Kent Christmas that was almost exactly what God had me pray over our partners.  I knew this was confirmation.  And I knew we had stepped into a Kairos moment.

What is a Kairos moment?  It is a moment when the Holy Spirit is moving and ready to act. It’s an invitation to cooperate with the Holy Spirit at this very moment. Could this be one of those?  I certainly believe it is.  Monday alone, confirmation after confirmation came my way – by days end I knew we were in a moment in time when everything could change – and would change, if we only believe.

What an amazing time we are living in – it is, indeed, an appointed time in God.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning “opportunity,” “season,” or “fitting time.” It can also be defined as the right opportune moment or the supreme moment. We, my friend, are in such a moment.

I believe with all my heart this is where we are today, this very week. Some of the things the Lord has spoken to me which have been confirmed by other trusted ministers are…

  • Winter is past – Spring is here, there will be a blooming of all we have asked for.
  • God is going to exceed our expectations.
  • The water is stirred – step in.
  • This is a year of harvest.
  • Prodigals are coming home.
  • We will experience an overflow if we continue to press in.
  • We will now see all this in the natural realm.
  • Strongholds are being broken now.
  • Debts are being cancelled.
  • Monies are being transferred.
  • Properties are being given.
  • We are under an open heaven.

These promises belong to the people of God who have been obedient to His Word.  To those who have followed His voice.  To those who have stood on the Word of God when everything else seemed to be falling apart around them.  Those who have been found faithful will now see and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

We are in a moment in God where sudden miracles are being released to God’s people. We must see and perceive this moment with our spiritual eyes! We must step into the Kairos moment and refuse to miss our time of visitation from the Lord.

Oh, what a glorious time we are in!

I am not going to miss my moment! I am not going to miss my time of visitation. Whatever is required of me or whatever God tells me to do, I will be quick to obey. I am in my Kairos moment, and so are you.  We must see it clearly and we must receive all God has for us in this time.

Let faith arise! It’s time to get your hopes up as high as you can! It’s time to become debt free! It’s time to receive your healing. Step into the water for it is surely stirring. Cast your net of faith one more time. Why? Because we must do what the season requires and step into our place of receiving all God has for us. Let faith arise and lay hold of your promise.  Expect good things.  Expect sudden miracles and then expect some more. Our God is here, and His reward is with Him!  He is ready to perform His Word – can you receive it?  Will you receive it?  This is our opportune time, our supreme moment. Don’t miss it my friend, enter in and press until you see all your promises fulfilled, overflowing and far above anything you have ever imagined.  All Glory to God!



Appoint My Day

Lord, I thank You that me and my family will flourish in every area.  My finances, my health, my relationships, my work, my spiritual life are all flourishing because of You. My husband will grow in his business, have flourishing relationships and walk in perfect health. Our children will make godly friends, excel in school and be in good health and prosper, even as their souls prosper.

Psalm 115:14, 3 John 1:2