I do not know why God has me in this vein of teaching this week, but He does. It seems to me that He desires to set us up for a blessing. To that I say, ‘so be it Lord.’

I was sitting in Bryson, my grandsons room, a few days ago helping his Mom organize his room before school starts. This is one of my gifts, I love to organize and I am quite good at it. Therefore, when Breanne is overwhelmed, she calls Mom.

So, I was going through Bryson’s stuff and organizing it. Every few minutes I would open a card or look through a basket and I would find money. I found wallets or coin holders where he had stuffed money into. I began taking the money I was finding and stacking it up on his bed until I was done.

When I was finally finished with his room, I took his stash and placed it in his wallet. I said ‘Bryson, do you know how much money you have?’ He said ‘no.’ When I told him the amount he was shocked. As was I.

This boy always has money. I don’t know how. But he does. He never asks for money from me or his Mom, but he always has money.

I was thinking about this the next day when God reminded me of some things.

Several years ago, I was at work, when Bryson came in. He came to my office and stretched out his little hand, and placed something in my hand. He said ‘here, Nana, this is for the ministry.’ I looked down and saw two quarters, a dime and a nickel.’

I prayed over it and deposited it to our account. My heart was overwhelmed with his kindness and heart to give.

That same year, he cleaned out his piggy bank several times and took the money to his school to donate his money to his school.

One day I took him to get a snow cone, he tipped the lady $5 for a $2 snow cone!

During that season, every time we would go in a store, if they had a box for charity, he would put all his money into it.

One day, the Lord said to me, ‘he doesn’t realize it, but he is sowing into his future.’

God was compelling Bryson to give. Bryson was not giving to get a return; that thought never entered his mind, he was simply giving because he had a heart to give.

I read a scripture the other day in the book of Exodus that said the people gave as their hearts were stirred to give. I just love that! God stirred their hearts to give and they happily gave. Just as Bryson was doing.

Bryson was seven years old when he began to give excessively. He is now 11. He is still a giver but he is now also a reaper.

As I was reminded of this today, I thought about many of you. Do you realize with each seed you sow, you are sowing into your future?

You are! Every seed you sow will produce a harvest, never doubt it. Instead know that you are sowing into your future with every seed sown.

I pray this is the year you begin to see the harvest you have been sowing into. I know Bryson is seeing his. I pray you see yours as well.

May God continue to bless every seed you have sown. May He give seed to the sower and multiply the seed you have sown. May He water your seed today and hasten His word to perform all He has promised you concerning your giving. And finally, may a harvest unlike anything you have ever imagined manifest in your life this year. This we declare in Jesus name.

We pray for you daily and ask God to send you a lifetime of harvest for your faithfulness to Him.

Prayer for Today: Father, I thank you for watering our seed, for causing our harvest to spring forth suddenly…in this season. In Jesus name. Amen.