images (8)Today’s writing is different from anything else I send out – however, I felt prompted by the Lord to send this out. I often read The Trumpet, prophetic words by Bill Burns. He usually writes one each Monday – however, I noticed something different this month – he has more prophetic words than normal. And that’s not all.

As I began to read the entire month through I felt it was a building of something. It reminded me of when the Bible says ‘word upon word, precept upon precept.’ Therefore, today, I have complied Bill Burns words for April for you to read and enjoy. I believe they are profound and timely.

Friends, let us not miss this season in God and what he is doing and let us make sure we are correctly positioned in HIM alone. Take special note of the final word – and … in this time frame, listen and pay attention to that which GOD is doing. Enjoy!

April 2, 2016: Now comes the season of the prophesied blessing. This blessing shall come upon you because you have been determined to go through. You have fought the good fight of faith. You have demonstrated a remarkable perseverance in this last season. You have held fast to My word. You have used the weapons that I have given you. You are about to enter into the season of great blessing that will extend beyond your wildest dreams and the imaginations of your heart. These are the days of the demonstration of My kingdom, and I will demonstrate the kingdom through you. You have believed and therefore you shall receive, says the Lord God Most Holy.

April 4, 2016: Many people, prophets, teachers of the word, have made My Kingdom very complicated and perplexing. And, many people come to the understanding in and of themselves they cannot do the things they are supposed to do. But, I say unto you today, all you have to do is be full of Me. Be full of My Holy Spirit. Make an effort to be one with Me and find the power of the Spirit that lives within you. Let Him lead and guide you, and let Him dominate your life. Let Him be in control of your life rather than trying to be in control of it yourself, says the Lord.

April 9, 2016: It is written and it is true, that greater is He that lives in you than he that is ruler over this world. For I have come to live in you; to empower you; to encourage you that you will always have victory if you will join yourself to Me and to My purposes. For, the power of the kingdom is to be made manifest in you. The joy of the kingdom is to be seen in you. The peace of the kingdom is to come upon you. Arise now; arise and march on with full assurance that I am with you and I will never leave you. You will come through into the glory and the manifest destiny that I have for you, My beloved. Let resurrection power flow through you and let it bring that which is needed. Be renewed, healed and strengthened. Come into eternal life and joy for it is My kingdom, says the Most Holy.

April 11, 2016: Have you heard My word, My people? It is My greatest and profound desire that you begin to climb even higher in this season, that your faith will grow even more, and that you will become the manifestation of My presence on this earth. Do not forget that you are a generation that is to carry the torch of these days–a generation that is to bring the light of My Kingdom. For, all around you will see death and destruction. In this world hypocrisy abounds, but you are a people of faith. Begin now to live the life of faith, says the Lord.

April 16, 2016: The gates are open. Go through the gates. Raise the standard. Run the race. Believe and receive. My glory is raining down on My people. Come and abide in My presence, says the Lord. Come and receive the anointing; let it heal, nurture and strengthen you. Come higher in My kingdom than ever before.

April 18, 2016: I would have you position yourself by faith with regard to what I am doing in these days. For, this is the season of light, the season of revelation, the season of elevation, the season in which you will have an opportunity to go higher than ever. You can get to know Me with greater depth. It is the time in which I am establishing the framework of your journey into and through this next season so that you can receive the blessings and learn the lessons of the season thereby going higher and higher.

April 25, 2016: You will now find yourself in “defining moments”. This time of transition will define your journey and establish your path into the future. You will soon realize that you are on the path of no return. New developments will come quickly, and will create a spiritual rippling effect throughout your life. World conditions will be upset, and things will never be the same. These days will be like the days when Israel came out of Egypt and entered the land of promise.

April 26, 2016: My desire is that My people really do, in this time frame, listen and pay attention to that which I’m doing. Because those that do not will miss out on the glory of the season, and they will be extremely disappointed after the fact. So, it will behoove you to pay attention. Let your faith be attached to what I am doing, says the Lord, and you will be okay. (For more information on Bill Burns, visit his website at

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