I have been reading a book by Chuck Pierce called A Time to Prosper. I came across something in it yesterday that has caused me to stop and ponder on it for a day. Chuck says that the first thing God gives his people before they begin to enter into prosperity is a mindset to prosper.

I believe it was Joyce Meyer who I first heard say it all begins in our mind, our mindsets, our thinking patterns. I believe that is what Chuck is saying here as well. We have to first have a mindset to prosper.

The first thing I did was pray and ask God to give me a mindset to prosper. To change all my thinking that did not line up with a mindset to prosper.

Chuck talked about the Jewish people and how they prosper statistically more than any others in the world. He said this is because they study the Bible all the time and know the scriptures that say God wants us to prosper, their mindset IS a mindset to prosper.

Then the book began to talk about cycles we go through to come to this place of a mindset to prosper. He talked about the destructive cycles. He said he had ministered to people in jail and while they were in jail they would seek God with all their heart but when they were released they would fall back into the same thing that landed them in jail and start the cycle all over again.

We see this in the children of Israel going around and around the desert because of their complaining and negative talk against God. They too, went around and around in a destructive cycle that led them nowhere.

In the book of Judges the people of Israel go through a destructive cycle 7 times! They rebel against God, God allows their enemies to rise up against them. They repent and turn to God and God sends a deliverer to save them from their enemy, once the fight is over, the people rebel against God and this cycle goes on and on seven times.

God works through cycles. There is a good cycle too! There is the cycle of sowing and reaping. I have seen many people go around this cycle over and over again. They will be desperate for a breakthrough and begin to tithe and sow as God leads. Things will get better, they praise the Lord for a while but then things happen and they stop giving and tithing, again they find there are in a place of desperation and it starts all over again. They key is to get into a good cycle; a cycle of blessing and stay there, no matter what.

How do we get there? By obeying God. When God tells you to do something, do it. When he tells you to do something else, do it. When he tells you what to do with your finances, do it and trust God.

As Chuck said ‘God wants to lock you into a cycle of blessing – cycles of growth and increase.’

These cycles are designed to break the power of the enemy in your life and take you into a place of prosperity but you have to stay on the right path, and in the right cycle.

Today I am praying that every cycle of destruction is broken off your life this day and you begin a new cycle, a cycle of blessing. May it be so in Jesus name.

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