This past weekend, I was spending time with God and thinking on different times and seasons I have walked through. I began to think about a time, around fifteen years ago, when I felt compelled to give God a tithe of my day.

During that time I did nothing until I had spent 2 hours and 40 minutes with God. I did not answer my phone, turn on the computer or television until I had given God a tithe of my day. Every one that knew me, knew if they called or knocked on my door I would not answer…until I had my time with God. It was where my peace flowed from, it was where everything in my life at that time flowed from.
As life would have it, blessings began to come out of that time and those ‘blessings’ began to take more and more of my time. I began ministry work and began to consider that the time I spent in ministry work was my time with God…but it wasn’t.

As I thought about that time, I realized many wonderful things were birthed during those set aside times with God. I was thinking along those lines when I went to check my computer. No one told me to tithe my day to God….it was something I felt He led me to do.

Later that day I was on my computer and received an email from Kenneth Copeland Ministries with a teaching by Gloria. I felt led to read it right away, so I did. I was amazed at what was included in that email. I am going to share a section of it with you, this is a prophecy from Kenneth E. Hagin from 1982, he has since gone to be with his Lord.

In 1982, Kenneth Hagin gave a prophecy that changed my life. I believe the peace and prosperity my family and I walk in today has everything to do with that prophecy and the decision I made as a result of it. It has so impacted our lives that I would like to share it with you. Here’s what it said:
And the year of 1982 will be a year of exploration in the realm of the spirit. Yea, men and women too, shall move into the spirit world. Into an area that they have not been before. And so they shall see and they shall know, and they shall minister. And great shall be the results thereof. And many hearts shall be blessed.

Some shall turn away and shake their head in dismay! And shall say, “Aw!, the very idea of that.” But you see those who are earthly will grow more earthly. And those who are spiritual will grow more spiritual still. And those who are heavenly minded will grow more heavenly minded still. And those who walk with God, for God is a Spirit, will walk in the realm of the spirit, will commune in the realm of the spirit, will see in the realm of the spirit, will minister in the realm of the spirit. And great shall be the results thereof…

Some have walked out only far enough to get their feet wet. They said, “Isn’t this wonderful?” And like children wading in the water they said, “This is it! This is the ultimate! This is the finality!”
But, “Oh!” saith the Lord of Hosts, “That is barely the beginning. You’ve only touched the realm of the Spirit. Wade on out! Wade on out into the realm of the water of the Spirit, until it is not only knee deep, and loin deep, until there is no way that you could possibly touch the bottom. But swim on out and enjoy the fulness of that which I have for thee,” saith the Lord of hosts.

But these things will not always come easy. For you see the flesh will hold you back. That’s the reason that the Word of God teaches you to crucify the flesh. And the mind will hold you back and hold you into the realm of things seen. And hold you into the realm of the physical senses.

That’s the reason the Bible tells you to “Get your mind renewed.” And then you will move into the realm of the spirit. And then there shall be great manifestations that your heart has longed for. And the church has prayed for. And the intercessors have interceded for. And the manifestation and demonstration of the Spirit of God shall come into manifestation and into demonstration. And it shall be as common, everyday, and just as real as everyday natural things are. For you see the realm of the spirit is the natural realm for the Christian who is born of the Spirit…

But you see you cannot walk in the natural all the time. Oh yes it’s necessary that you walk in the natural to a certain extent. Because your body is natural. And your body has natural functions and you must live in that realm.

But yet right on the other hand let your spirit, let your spirit have the privilege of communicating with the Father of spirits. And let your spirit move out beyond the natural. Don’t take up all your time with natural things. Some of those things are legitimate and it’s all right to take a certain period of time there, but see to it that you give heed unto your spirit. And you give your spirit opportunity to feed upon the Word of God. And you give your spirit opportunity to commune with the Father above. And build yourself up on your most holy faith.

It doesn’t take a lot of time just an hour or two out of twenty four. Just pay a tithe of your time unto Me, saith the Lord, and all will be well. Your life will be changed. It will be empowered. And you’ll be a mighty force for God.

Others will just look at thee and say, “He and she are just simply not a good example as a Christian.” Because, you see there is so much carnality. There is so much of the flesh. There is so much of the natural. But, yea, they’ll see the power of the Spirit. They’ll feel the love of God flowing out from you. They’ll feel the rivers of the Spirit of life flowing out from you. And it’ll bring life. And it’ll bring blessing unto your own life. And healing unto your own body. And you’ll be able to minister it unto those around about you and you’ll be glad, you’ll be glad. And you’ll have cause for rejoicing, saith the Lord of hosts.

I realized that God was once again calling me to tithe my day to Him. And not just me, but you and I, us. I realize that it is not easy for most people. It is not easy for me either. I have a great deal to get done during the day and giving God the that much of the first of my day requires that I get up much earlier, that I reschedule appointments and meetings, and that I make sure everyone around me knows I am unreachable at that time, but I felt the tug and I answered the call. Monday I began my tithe of the day to my Lord.

I did not spend that time watching someone else preach on television. I spent that time communing with God, reading His word and worshipping Him.

I have heard it said ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ I don’t want to be in the same place next year that I am in this year, therefore I must do things differently. God had already shown me that this past season in which I spent a tithe of my day with God, out of it flowed blessings and much was birthed during that season. It was also the season where God’s presence was tangible to everyone that came in my house. It was a powerful time in my life. Furthermore, from this prophecy I see God says if I do this continually, all things will be well in my life. That, for me, is more than reason enough.

I want to encourage you to pray about giving God a tithe of your day. Try it for a month and see how things change…then allow it to become a lifestyle. As you do you will be able to declare ‘all is well with me and my family’ that is an awesome promise, don’t you think?

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