Yesterday I wrote to you about the scripture that captured my spirit and the seed I sowed into that word. I sowed that seed as my point of contact.
What is a point of contact?

A point of contact is a powerful way to connect our faith to God’s word. It is an action you take, as a deliberate release of your faith for whatever you are believing for.

It’s like the key you use to start your car. You put the key into the switch and turn it – your car starts. However, it is not that key that makes everything in your car work, it is simply the point of contact. Just as we expect our car to run once we turn the key, when we release our faith with a point of contact, we should also expect something to happen. Why? Because you have released your faith, aligned it with God and let go of all doubt.

We all have faith. The Bible says in Romans 12:3, God has dealt to each one a measure of faith. You may feel, today, that your faith isn’t very big. It doesn’t have to be. God has given you all the faith you will need, it’s what you do with that faith that makes a difference. Your faith must be released before it can produce results.

This is where a point of contact often comes into play. The other day, my seed sown was my point of contact, however, a point of contact can be many different things; prayer, anointing oil, a prayer cloth, communion. It is a way we reach out to touch God and release our faith.

We see this in the woman with the issue of blood. Her point of contact was the hem of Jesus garment. She knew if she touched it, she would be made whole. She did touch it and she was made whole. She released her faith and received her miracle.

Another example of a point of contact is found in the book of Acts. The Bible says when Peter’s shadow fell on the people they were healed. The people got close enough to come in contact with his shadow and they were made whole.

Also, in the book of Acts we see where God worked miracles through Paul. Not only by Paul laying hands on people, but even by the handkerchiefs or aprons from Paul’s body. These folks would touch the cloths that had touched Paul’s body and be healed. These handkerchiefs were simply a point of contact.

Was there supernatural power in the cloth itself? Or in the shadow? Or in the hem of a garment? No, the power was in the releasing of their faith. They released their faith within their point of contacts. Over and again we hear Jesus say… “Your faith has made your whole.” It’s the same today.

Today, we still use points of contact to release our faith and receive our miracle. We use financial seeds sown. Or prayer cloths. Or even prayer shawls.
You may recall, recently I made quilted prayer shawls. I sewed them. I quilted them. I anointed them. I prayed over them for a time, and then they were shipped to the people who wanted them.

I received testimony after testimony from those prayer shawls. Testimonies of healing, wholeness, peace of mind and a tangible presence of God.
Was there anything supernatural about those prayer shawls? No. Absolutely not. I released my faith as I prayed over them – they released their faith in God as they prayed with them as their point of contact. They connected their faith to God and they received their answer. The prayer shawl was simply their point of contact.

The power to heal is not in the point of contact. It is Jesus who is the Healer.

I love that God will do anything He can possibly do to get healing or a miracle to us. Often it is with a point of contact. I thank God for that.
I hope this helped you better understand what a point of contact is and what it is not – it is simple a releasing of our faith in whatever manner God leads us to release it. Today, release your faith and receive your miracle.

Meditate on this:
For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor. 5:7