Prophecy from Chuck Pierce

I don’t send out prophecies from other people very often, but I felt this one was timely, I felt it spoke of some things God has shown me this past week and I felt it was profound. It is a little long…but worth the read. Blessings! Kim Potter

Prophecy from Chuck Pierce Ministry
“I would bring to you new opportunities in the days ahead. Even very quickly – in the very near future – you will have a time to pour out that which I’m giving you. You will have a new opportunity to get into. Don’t hold back! Don’t hold back! For if you do hold back then you will miss that which will rise up, and you will miss activating seeds for your future. Get ready, for this pouring out is coming to you. The opportunities on your path I’ve already ordered. Get ready, for this will be a time of ordering your steps so that your steps align with the steps that I have already set in place. And in this moment you’ll see the end, but you’ll see the beginning even before you step into it. So know this: watch as I give you the opportunity to activate your beginning from the end.

“Rising rivers indicate the overflow of blessings! New deposits of blessings are coming! Open your eyes, because with rising water levels you will see many things die because they will be suffocated out as the water rises. But you will also see many things come to life that have never come to life. Additionally, you will see new deposits and many other things exposed — including snakes and lots of creatures moving to higher ground. Know that I am now changing the course of the land!

“I am re-aligning your diaphragm, the diaphragm of the Body of Christ, that part that is covering the womb. I am putting a new sound in it. I am expanding your ability to breathe in My wind, and you will be fire-starters. You will begin to manifest the fullness of My fire, of your worship, of your time with Me, of the time that you’re aligning your diaphragm with Me. I will breathe over the face of the earth and fire will begin to break out.

“I have shaken the heavens over you and am coming with a glory that is from Heaven, to shake the earth. This shaking and glory will cause the contractions to start, and those birth pangs to come forth. As My glory comes, it will birth new things. For I am doing a new thing in the earth and it is now shaking the heavens. I’m coming with My glory to shake the earth.

“For indeed I am releasing the sound, the sound that captivate men with the power of mystery. For man has been captivated with the wrong mystery, but I am bringing sound to the Body of Christ and into the land. I will spin the mystery sound that will revive the land, that will demonstrate Who the Mighty One of Israel is. So get ready for the true sound of mystery that the Body will release and make the land come alive!

“The wind of My Spirit is reaching into the caves. My wind will originate in the caves and begin to draw out what has been hidden. Many of you have been in the cave, but this is a time where I am blowing you out into a place that you’ve not been before. So even if you’ve been hidden, you must set your sail, for I will find and re-align My people this hour. There are great winds that will be coming through the lands. Through this September, record where the great winds start blowing! For it is from those places that I am now beginning to push out what has been hidden. I’ll blow many out of office, and blow others into office. This is a day of My blowing!

“You need to know when to brace yourself and when to let go and ride the wind. Cry out for the grace to know the difference, so you follow when you need to let go and brace yourself when you need to stand.

“You are in the midst of contrary winds. But do not back down from those winds but lean into that resistance. In your quiet and in your still times My breath will nudge you forward in the path you’re supposed to take. And when you encounter doors that are closed, My breath will increase and I will blow open those doors before you. And when you come to fortified gates, even as gates that surrounded Babylon that were many feet thick, My breath becomes a whirlwind that will smash those gates wide open. They will even come off the hinges and never close up against you again. So walk in faith and believe that I have set a path before you and will make a way for you with the My breath.
“Know that there will be big shakings in these next few weeks in world structures. Watch for big shakings! There will be much financial rearrangement. There are huge shakings coming, but the minute you go through the shaking you will begin to say ‘I know how to find my footing in this new place!’ There is a resistance! There is a resistance rising up in My people against those things that are weakening them. Let your resistance arise! Many would say that the earth is a great dynamic, great dimension, great demonstration, the sphere. But in that day you will recognize and say it is a small world after all.

“The storm winds are coming, and floods are rising. Many of you would be prefer to sing the song, ‘Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream … life is but a dream’. But things are going to progressively become worse with more shaking and more destruction before they improve. And yet many are still trying to row, row, row the same way they have always rowed. You must learn to adjust to the wind, adjust to the shaking, and allow yourself to be moved in a different way. Now is your time to row in a different way! Some of you need to get a new motor. Some of you have the capacity to turn the direction. Some of you need to let your sail up and quit trying to control when you put it up, and when you bring it down! Some of you need to kick into high gear and move on in. Now just grab the wind!

“When My disciples were in the boat rowing all night in the midst of the storm, a time came for them to stop rowing and to stop contending with the storm! When they stopped their rowing, I could bring them to their point of destination. This is a time to learn how to row differently. This is a rowing of rest! This is not a rowing of sweat, nor a time to do more! The more reports you listen to won’t solve your problems or cross you into your next place. Rather, My rest will position you where you need to go!

“Everyone is not receiving the rain that I’m sending. You have cried out for more, but you don’t know your own capacity. I’m causing you to know your own capacity even though it seems like a flood. I’m giving you that which you can contain. You’ve limited and capped it off in seasons past, but now is the time for the river to arise in you!

“I have said to watch the places that flood since that would be where Holy Spirit would begin to move. [This was prophesied during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2006]. Is it a surprise that Texas has received so much in rain in May that it would cover the entire state to a depth of eight inches? Now is your time to declare a new beginning of the Holy Spirit in Texas!

“So be still and enter into the supernatural dimension that I am in. Be still, oh be still — it’s supernatural. Even the earth will respond and answer Heaven; the earth will answer Heaven — its supernatural. So get ready for the ride, and throw your hands up high; throw your hands up high, and get ready for the ride! It’s supernatural — you can’t control it … you can just go with it. You can’t control — you can just go with. So throw your hands up, throw your hands up high, throw your hands up in the air, and enjoy the ride.

“It’s not the mystery of lawlessness, not the mystery of iniquity, but the mystery and the hope of Christ in you. It’s not the mystery of lawlessness, not the mystery of iniquity, it’s the mystery of Christ in you. This is our hope, this is our song; this is our hope, and we sing it all the day long. This is our hope, this is our song; oh, the mystery of Christ in you, we sing it all day long. There’s more of God than your hands can hold! There’s more of God than your mind can know! There’s more of God than your heart can apprehend! So reach out and seek more of Him.

“As you are praising, arise out of the depth of your hearts. My windows are opening up even now in a greater way than you’ve ever experienced. So prepare your house for the multiplication of people, the multiplication of resources, the multiplication of success, the multiplication of My presence. For I have glorious benefits that you know not of. Prepare yourself for the glorious benefits that I will be sending your way!

“Port cities, prepare yourselves! For even now I will re-arrange the trade structures that are being brought in. I will re-arrange the way you are doing things, and I will bring some new ships in. There will be an uncovering of what is being brought into this nation. I am re-aligning the trade routes. Watch the hurricanes this year as they form. For as the hurricanes are now beginning to form in Heaven during this “whirlwind” year, you will now see the movement of these hurricanes come into earth by August. And you’ll see a movement and new routes and alignments begin to form.”

(Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, Raymond Banks, Fernando Rodriguez, Acijam Otxoa, Diane Roussel, LeAnn Squier, Sylvia Sizemore, Bob McGregor, James Vincent, Robyn Vincent, Robert Heidler, Allen Faubion, Sheryl Price)