This past weekend I was speaking to a friend on the phone. In the midst of the conversation he made a statement that captured my attention. Frankly I couldn’t tell you anything he said after this statement. He said ‘America has sown millions of dollars of seeds into other countries.’

That statement jumped in my spirit as the Lord began to unveil a truth right before my eyes.
We have all heard the teachings and prophecies over the past few years about a ‘wealth transfer’. I don’t know about you but I have often thought ‘how could that happen?’ After what God showed me this past weekend, I am not thinking ‘how could it NOT happen?’

As the body of Christ, we have sown and sown and sown, literally millions of dollars into other countries. We have massive seed in the ground all over the world. Therefore we have a massive harvest that is ripe and available to the people of the body of Christ who have sown into other lands.

I am not leaving out the seeds other countries have sown, however, I want to talk about America for a moment, we have sown millions into other countries – we have given lives for other countries – a harvest belongs to us – it is ours for the taking! Not only a harvest of finances but also a harvest of the word of God and miracles of God!

The Bible tells us in Mark 10, whatever we give for the gospel’s sake, we shall receive a hundred fold in this life. I say we begin to speak to this particular harvest and call in a hundred fold of everything that has been sown from American soil into other countries.

We keep hearing about the trouble our country is in financially, we need this harvest to come into our soil, we need to reap the harvest from all the seeds we have sown into other countries, don’t you agree? Don’t you agree that a harvest of this magnitude would make a great difference, not only for the church but for America as a whole? And it would allow us to continue to sow into other countries.

There is great power in agreement. Matthew 18:19 says; “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” If we agree, it is done. Isn’t that an amazing promise!

Year ago when I first started sowing seeds into other countries, I read that 2/3 of Africans were poor, just yesterday someone told me they had watched a documentary that said 2/3 of Africans were now middle class. I believe a big part of that is because they laid hold of the word of God that was being sowed into their lives, they took that word and became prosperous, just as it says they can.

All of this has reminded me of the dream I had a few months back, the one about harvesting around that big barn, all the people were quickly bringing in harvest – I believe it is THAT time.

It also reminds me of the email I sent out a couple years back asking everyone to agree and pray for gas prices to go down to $2.00 a gallon and below. At the time it seemed impossible as gas was $5.00 a gallon in many places. Yet today, I smile every time I fill up my car. I believe we can see the same results if we come together and call in the harvest from the seeds that the body of Christ has sown into other countries. Will you agree with me? Will you pray with me? Will you speak to THAT harvest with me today?

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