In my prayer time yesterday, I began to think back over the past year.  I was pondering on things I was thankful for. This year has been a hard year – make no mistake about it.  However, through it all God’s faithfulness shone brighter and brighter with each passing month.

We know God is faithful, but do we know that God, most times, uses people on the earth to do his work and make sure his plan is fulfilled.

As I said, I was thinking about the ways God has blessed me this year.  At the very top of that list is something my daughter did for me. Remember, God works through people.  What she did was so absolutely wonderful, it touched me in the deepest part of my being.

First of all, you would have to know Breanne.  Her family is her most treasured thing and she keeps them close.  Her family time is very important to her.  When she is home with them, it is their private time and place, and she guards that.  I understand that completely and have never questioned it.

I said that so you could understand the depths of her blessing to me.

When I first began to face the physical issue I battled this year, it was January.  It came out of nowhere and shook me.  I hate to admit that, but there it is, it shook me.  Not being able to get physical things under control was very trying.  I was battling anxiety and stress that I had never been confronted with before.  Life felt very out of control, and I couldn’t do anything to change it.  Yes, I prayed.  I fasted.  I took communion.  I did all the things I knew to do.  Nothing changed for months.

Staying alone all the time was hard, with the constant changing of medications and all that went with it – it was simply hard.  In the midst of this, I went to see Breanne and the kids one day – it was a day I couldn’t stay alone another minute.  That day, Breanne showed me something she had created for me.  Although she didn’t really have the extra room, she had cleared out a room, put a bed in it and decorated it in all the things I love.  It had a beach themed comforter on the bed.  Seashells all over the place.  A Bible sitting on the table with a journal and pen close by.  And it had a swivel rocking chair in it. She had even put a wax warmer in there knowing love nice smells.  The kids said, “This is Nana’s room, we can’t go in here and mess it up, Mom made it just for you.”

In the weeks and months that followed, when things got too hard, it was my safe place to go.  I sat many hours in that swivel rocker looking around at the wonderful safe place my daughter had created for me.  Even writing this, it causes me to weep.  This act of kindness began to bring healing to my soul and my body.

I spent many nights there in that room.  It was the most precious thing anyone has ever done for me.  In my darkest time, she and her act of kindness became my light – showing me the way out.  Yes, it was all God, but without her heeding his prompting, it would not have happened.

Did you realize, you may be someone’s light in the darkness?  In my darkest moment, my daughter shone the light for me, drawing me out of that dark place.  You can do the same thing; I can do the same thing – we only need to listen to the prompting of the Lord.  We only need to let the light of Jesus shine through us.

In John 8:12, Jesus declared, “I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”  Jesus is the Light, and we must reflect the light as he lives in us.

Friends, we all walk through dark seasons – I see no way to avoid it – but there is a light that can guide us out of the darkness.  Jesus is that light.  And we are that light.  When we walk through dark times, we need a safe place to land.  We, as the light of God, can be that safe place for someone.

Maybe they don’t need an entire room created for them – maybe they need a listening ear.  Perhaps they need a shoulder to cry on.  Or maybe, just maybe, they just need to see the light of Jesus, through us, showing them the way out.  That’s what Bre did for me and that’s what I long to do for others.  May we shine bright in this season.  May the light of Jesus in us guide others out of the darkness and into the light.  That’s our call – our destiny – may we walk in it.



Appoint My Days

God is my Jehovah Jireh, the Lord my Provider. He will supply all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Because I give, it will be given to me: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into my bosom by men.

Genesis 22:14, Philippians 4:19, Luke 6:38

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