A couple years ago, when Bryson was seven years old he went through a season of sowing. One Monday morning he came by my office with his mom. He came up the stairs to my office to give me something. He handed me two quarters, a dime and a nickel. He said ‘here Nana, this is for the ministry.’ I looked at it, said ‘thank you’ and laid it down on my desk.
I carried it down to Breanne’s desk to be put with the deposit. Later that day, I sat down at Breanne’s desk to do some things and saw his money lying there. I picked it up and prayed over it and laid it back down. I pray over all the donations that come into the ministry.

I began to think about how Bryson had been giving. He had been doing this for months. He would clean out his piggy bank and take it all to his school in a baggie to sow into his school. Or he would give to charities at stores. We found him giving large tips when we would allow him to order our food, one day he tipped some ladies $5 for a snow cone! Now he was bringing his offering into the ministry. I was pondering on this while I was walking up the stairs.

The Lord began to speak to my heart and say; ‘he doesn’t even know it, but he is sowing into his future.’

I then thought about something God told me about him when he was first born. He said he would be a child of peace and he would be wealthy at a young age. I thought that was so odd at the time and God knows that his peace was certainly challenged as a little guy, he has gone through a great deal in his short time.

God continued to speak to my heart and show me that God, himself, was compelling Bryson to give. Bryson doesn’t realize it, he only knows that he wants to give every few days, he doesn’t know that what he is doing is a biblical principle.

The Bible says ‘God is not mocked, whatever we give that is what we will receive.’ The Bible also says ‘give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall men give unto your bosom.’

Bryson, without being fully aware, is doing what the Bible says and God says ‘he is sowing into his future.’ Wow!

Of course, as a Nana, I am so proud. But as a minister of the gospel, I am amazed at this little boy. He is living the word, sowing seeds to guarantee his financial prosperity at age 7. I am amazed.
This came to mind again today as I thought about his computer. You see he has a laptop I gave him, it is an older one and wasn’t good for anything but games, and he loved it. One day it fell off his bed and wouldn’t come back on. I took it to repair shops all over the place and they all said the same thing; it can’t be fixed. Still…for some reason I have carried that thing around for several months, because it is special to him. On Wednesday the Lord brought someone to mind that could fix it, at least look at it. I took it to this person and he fixed it. I was amazed. I was thinking about Bryson and how blessed he is. I thought about Bryson walking in blessings and I remembered his giving. Aha. He has sown for this!

As I thought about this today I thought about many of you. Did you realize that when you sow you are sowing into your future?

I see this in the natural when we plant gardens. We don’t only eat of the fruit of it that day but much of it is eaten and partaken of in the future through canning and freezing and preserving. We sow seeds into our future.

It would be ridiculous to expect a harvest without sowing a seed. That is what Bryson is doing. He’s still little, he is not thinking about his future or his harvest, yet he is sowing seeds. But what I find most amazing is that even though he is not thinking about his future or his harvest….GOD IS…and God is setting him up and Bryson is being obedient to that prompting, without realizing the impact it will have on him.

Many of you have been obedient as well. Many of you have sown into your future. God is concerned about your harvest and you will absolutely see that harvest. May God continue to bless every seed you sow and may He bring forth an abundant harvest for you as you sow into your future.

Today as you sow your seed, sow them into your future…just as Bryson did, when God prompts you, obey that prompt and when you need a harvest, you will have sown seeds for it and that harvest will come…just as God said it would.