One day last week was quite unusual, and difficult. Unlike anything I have ever experienced. For me, I had surgery scheduled on a particular day. Mine had been scheduled for a couple weeks. It turned out that same day, Kelita’s husband had to have surgery. To further complicate things – my daughter, Breanne, had to have two emergency surgeries – all this took place on the same day – almost at the same time.

The day before when I realized all this was happening and taking place at the same time, I prayed about postponing my surgery. I didn’t feel like I was supposed to. Still, I struggled with it. How could I be two places at one time. I strongly believed God was in control – so I braced for the day and just kept walking. Early the next morning I went in for surgery. As soon as I woke up from surgery, I had my sister drive me an hour away to be with my daughter before her surgery. This was not the best plan according to my doctor, but it was all I could do. Sometimes life goes that way.

I arrived at the hospital groggy and swollen. I stayed with my daughter until she was back in the room and ready to rest. Then I traveled over an hour back home and went to bed. I also took care of my grandkids while Bre was in the hospital. The next few days were rough – for all of us. But we walked through them. Some amazing things took place during this time. For instance, a relationship that had been shattered two years before was suddenly restored. This caused a domino effect in which other relationships came back into a place of restoration. It was astounding. This morning as I pondered the week’s events, I remembered a story I heard recently.

This man was talking about some azalea bushes he had planted. He said they were all beautiful except one, which refused to bloom. During that time, a hurricane came through his city. Two weeks after the hurricane, the bush that had refused to bloom, suddenly bloomed.  He said his gardener told him that he was about to dig that bush up and shake it violently. The man asked why he would do that. He replied, “because that is something we sometimes to do awaken the blooms, we shake it violently.” It turns out the hurricane that came through shook the plant so hard it began to bloom.

Is the shaking necessary when it’s time to awaken and bloom? Could it be that the shaking must take place for the birth of something wonderful to take place?

I don’t know about you, but I have been going through a shaking this year. Kelita’s been experiencing a shaking. Breanne has been enduring a shaking herself as well. Today I am wondering if the shaking was necessary to awaken something in me or in them that needed to awaken. Did the shaking have to take place to shake some things loose and bring forth change – a blooming of sorts.

Something happened during that time that I didn’t even know until days later. I didn’t call Kelita that day because I knew she was dealing with her own stuff. She didn’t call on me because she knew what I was walking through. We stayed in touch through text but we didn’t talk. It was days later when we talked that I found out she was feeling exactly what I felt that day. Overwhelmed.

I had a couple days where I was constantly on the verge of tears. I was in pain. I was concerned about my daughter and my grandkids. I was praying for Kelita and her husband. I was standing in faith and refusing to move.  I was pressing through, but it was a press. Kelita, unknown to me was experiencing the same thing – a feeling of being overwhelmed. We were both silent about it. We simply kept walking by faith.

Friends, we all go through things – shakings – that can’t be avoided. However, if we hold tight to Jesus and His Word, we will remain unmovable. And maybe, just maybe, that shaking will cause things to begin to bloom that have laid dormant for many years. That is what I am seeing.

For me, through it all, I kept praying, “God, I trust You completely and I will hold firm to Your peace in the process.” That’s what I took from it – trust God in the process. He truly is working all things for our good. We just must trust Him when we can’t see how it is all going to work out.

On another note – please pray and agree with me today for Kelita and her family, for Breanne and her family – for complete and total healing and for all medical debts to be cancelled and paid in full. That God will restore everything, and I do mean everything, in Jesus name. Thank you for agreeing with me today.

Thank you to my friends who kept us completely covered in prayer – we love you and appreciate you so very much!

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