I want to share something with you today, I believe it will speak to someone, and it may only be one, but I need that one to hear this message.

I have to go back a little bit and give you some history on this story. My grandson, Bryson’s grandmother passed away a couple years ago. She died from cancer. Bryson loved his grandmother and she loved him.

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Bryson’s grandmother was a person who caused my daughter, my grandson and myself much grief and torment for several years. She compelled her son to demand things concerning Bryson when he was little that brought torment to Breanne and Bryson. Bryson didn’t know his dad very well until he was two years old. At that time he began to demand his parental rights from a child that didn’t know him, his mother was behind it all. I fought to not despise this woman for what I was watching Bryson and Breanne go through and it went on and on for years.

God is faithful and He brought us through it, and as I said, she loved Bryson. When she died, it broke his little heart. Oddly enough she is buried just feet from my brother and sister in the same cemetery. When we go to clean Jesse and Tanya’s grave, we see her resting place with the same flowers that arrived the day they buried her and no grave marker. Bryson will take a rake and clean the area up, silently, he never speaks to me while he is doing this. He straightens everything up and cleans it the best he can. It is obvious that no one else has been to her grave.

One day he said ‘Nana, Grandma needs a headstone with her name on it.’ I said ‘I know Buddy.’ But it has been almost two years and no marker has come. Several times we have gone out there and cleaned and several times he has mentioned it. I could feel God nudge me but frankly I did not want to purchase a headstone for her. They are not cheap and this person caused us much pain…but Bryson loved her.

Six weeks ago while Bryson was with his dad, God dealt with me and I went and ordered a headstone. I paid for half of it and told them I would pay for the rest when it was ready. As we drove away I had a strong feeling that I had done something BIG…HUGE to God but it didn’t make sense to me…I hid it in my heart. But every time I thought of the headstone I thought it ‘felt’ big. I didn’t say anything to anyone about it.

This past week they called and said the headstone was in, and they needed me to come and look at it and schedule it to be delivered. Breanne, Bryson, Brailee and I went and Bryson looked at the headstone, and said he liked it. He silently got back in the vehicle. Again, I thought how it felt I had done something ‘big’ but again, I said nothing.

The next morning I was talking with Breanne. She said ‘Mom, I had a dream last night about her headstone.’ I said ‘really?’ She said ‘yes, it was very big, it was huge, so much so that I was concerned people would not be able to get to the other gravesites. She said ‘it was the shape of an emperors castle and so big that people couldn’t get through the gate.’ Hmmm. I knew God was confirming what I already felt in my spirit and had felt for weeks.

I don’t know the fullness of what it all means, but I know what I thought was a small thing was not small at all to God, it was big, it was huge.

I felt led to share this story with you today. Maybe you are in the same place, where God is telling you to do something and it makes no sense, or it seems very small. Don’t look at it from your perspective, look at it from a Kingdom perspective, from His point of view – ask Him how He sees it…that little thing may be huge in His eyes. Just do what He says to do and let Him handle the rest. Your small may be BIG. Do that small thing today, don’t delay, set yourself up for God to reward you openly. Praise the Lord!