blue sky flowers

Last week I was trying to get a little ahead with daily writing so that I could take care of some things on Friday. I did get ahead, for the most part, but I was waiting on God for the Monday teaching…I felt it would come from something I read from a friend or ministry. On Thursday night I received a prophetic word from Pastor Dave Roberson in Tulsa, Ok. While I realize every prophetic word is not for everyone reading it, I felt this one was one that would touch many lives and be an on-time word for many. I have seen this very thing happening in my own life and I am quietly watching all the relationships in my life. Quietly watching and waiting on God. I was doing this BEFORE I received this word, this word only confirmed what I was experiencing in my own life. That is one reason I felt it would minister to many. I believe God is doing this reordering all around the globe…you may be one of those whose lives will be touched by this prophetic word given March 30th, 2015.

This is the time of reordering things. Do not be surprised at relationships that seem to fall by the wayside. Let these things be and take heed to pray as I lead, for I am intent on bringing My order into things.

Those things that seem to be of Me but are not according to My purpose, I must reorder and bring change to, or they will become an interruption to what I am bringing, not only in individual lives but on a worldwide scale, and relationships are key in what I am bringing.

Hold onto nothing in your own strength and be careful to make nothing happen in your own strength, instead, wait, wait, wait on Me. I am in the midst of bringing many things into order. As I am allowed to bring change into individual lives, I will establish My plans and purposes on a global scale.

Relationships that appear to be according to My order may be shifted abruptly as I am allowed to bring My change into lives and circumstances. I must have the change, individually first, before I bring what I am bringing. Many relationships will and must change and be brought into a new level of My keeping. The enemy is very actively harming relationships and ending relationships and ordering his way of doing things. Guard yourselves and keep relationships on the altar of the change I am bringing. I will even bring “new” into old relationships, and I will bring greater strength into those relationships that have already been well-kept in Me.

I am bringing a restructuring in homes so that the teamwork will become very laser focused. It will not be one going here and one going there and from time to time uniting on things. Families will become very laser focused for those who allow My refining. They will become teams united as one laser beam, focused on Me each day and on what I am thinking.

Relationships are key, and that is why I am reordering and refining things. Those who have strayed but whose hearts have not left Me will return, but do not wait for these things. Continue to take your place in Me and receive new strength and refreshings.

Know that I have seen the hurts and disappointments many are experiencing, but never be stopped by these things. You must always stay the course into more and more of Me. I am Love, and I am reordering and refining many “rooms” in My Body that I am building. My workmanship has increased in those who have continued to narrow their focus in Me, and change is beginning to take place much more rapidly.

Take these things to heart: I am reordering and refining things so that I may bring forth My plans and My purposes in this hour, and relationships are at the heart of the matter in these things. Do not hold to that which I am not holding onto. Let Me bring the refinements that are necessary. Continue to trust Me and take heed to what I am saying as I bring forth My best in these things. Trust that I am expert at what I am doing, and know that I see the end from the beginning. Much good is what I am intent on bringing. I am building strong teams, and I am bringing change according to My planning. Trust Me and stay close to My heart on these things.