A victorious life, it’s what we all strive for, isn’t it? I was thinking about this today when I was reminded of an email I once received from a partner…allow me to share it with you today.

I love to read letters and cards from our partners – it encourages me greatly to hear that we are making an impact with our ministry, our teachings and our writings. It blesses my heart to read these words, this letter was one of those.

I want to share a portion of her email with you today…

After reading your devotion this morning I wanted to let you know one of the ways that your ministry has impacted my life. About 8 or 9 years ago in one of your devotions, you challenged readers to start the first 30 minutes of their day spending time praising God for a 30-day period. I believe that this challenge was given during the holiday season. I was delighted to take up the challenge. I decided to spend the first 15 minutes of my day in meditation and then the second 15 minutes in worship. I decided that this would be a lifestyle change and I have continued doing this from that time on. It has changed slightly because about a year ago I purchased a journal that I call my thanksgiving journal. So now when I wake up, I spend the first 15 minutes with God in meditation praying, but mostly listening. Then I write down 3 things that I am thankful for. Then I praise and worship. I have you to thank for this.

That 30-day challenge became a lifestyle change that has caused me to live the victorious life. I know that walking through the challenge with my sister and the many other challenges in my life with a piece and assurance has been because of the morning lifestyle that I have chosen.

I love what she said, “This 30-day challenge became a lifestyle change that has caused me to live the victorious life.”

Don’t you just love that?!

Let me ask you a question today, If you believed that thirty minutes a day could be life changing, would you make the change? If you felt you could do a couple things that would empower you to live a victorious life, would you take the time to do those things? Would you make the changes and discipline yourself enough to follow through until you saw the results you wanted, like she did?

I think this time of year is a perfect time to ask these kinds of questions, don’t you? It’s a great time to evaluate your life. To see where changes need to be made. And to make them. I read dozens of emails a day from people who want things to get better in their life, sadly, many of them will not make the changes necessary to bring forth that change. It takes effort, consistency and determination to make lifestyle changes, especially life-changing ones.Most people are so busy they cannot fathom carving thirty minutes a day out of their life. It seems impossible. Yet this small adjustment took her to a place of victorious living.

I read an article online about anointed men and women of God who have world changing ministries. One minister pointed out that each of them was willing to pay the price to carry the anointing they possessed. He went on to say that most people, not all, but many people today are not willing to pay the price to carry that type of anointing. Sadly, it is true.

While we all want victory and breakthrough and prosperity, not all are willing to pay the price. We tell ourselves that Jesus paid the price for it all, and that is true. However, to activate that truth in our life there are some things we must do as well.

If we want to receive, we must FIRST give. If we want to reap, we must first sow. It is the principal of God. This not only applies to finances but to every area of life. If you want a powerful spiritual life you must sow to the spirit. Consistently and continually. Then and only then will you partake of a victorious life.

I don’t know who said the victorious life is easy, it is not. It takes determination and discipline. For this very reason Jesus called the twelve, His disciples. A disciple is defined in the Webster’s 1828 dictionary as; a follower; an adherent to the doctrines of another.

If you are going to walk like Jesus walked you must follow His ways, and His Words. There is no other way. Perhaps today you would like to consider taking thirty minutes a day and spending that time with God. Perhaps it could become a lifestyle change for you and perhaps it will lead you to a victorious life as well. There is no time like the present to make such a lifestyle change. Begin your walk into a victorious life today.