A Word from Benjamin
by Kim Potter
Yesterday I received an email from one of our partners that I HAD to share…. It blessed my soul and I know it will yours too – PRAY WITH US – PRAY OUT LOUD AND DECREE WITH US…. Let our unity and agreement burst through the heavenlies today!

Kim and Bre,

It is me again with an update for you……I took my grandson Benjamin for a haircut today and did a couple of other errands. We were getting back in the car and I asked Benjamin to get in on the side I was putting Abigayle, my granddaughter in. He did and we buckled up and were driving down the road when I felt the pulling on me so strongly to pray in the Spirit as I drove so I did.

I drove for a few minutes doing this when Benjamin made this statement, “NoNo (the name this sweet boy calls Grandma) you aren’t praying right because I didn’t hear you say “Partners”!!!!!!’ I asked him whose partners and he said “Miss Kim”, ‘NoNo pull over quickly so we can hold hands!!!!!’ I pulled into a shopping center and turned around to hold his hands and he was praying this: ‘Pray the Blood of Jesus over partners that are sick and need healing, and need food and gas for a car and NoNo is it okay to say this, someone is not paying attention to hear the Lord and it is realllllly important if they use the ears in their tummy right now.’

He was so anointed and fired up that I was in awe. He asked me to agree ‘because you and I make 2 NoNo!’ We agreed and I stopped to pray for you and the ministry specifically when Benjamin said ‘”Green light” for Miss Kim’.

I prayed in the Spirit for the rest of the way home. My phone is dead or I would have called this one in. Now you know where I am going next.

As important as she felt it was to share this with me, I feel an urgency to share it with you as well.
Let’s pray!

Father, I thank you for this word from you today. I declare and decree with Benjamin and with NoNo that all our partners who need healing are healed this day in Jesus name. I declare that everyone who needs money for gas for their cars, have it now in Jesus name. Everyone who needs money for food has it this day in Jesus name, in abundance. And I ask You Father, to open our ears in our tummy, our spiritual ears, open them now God and turn up the volume right now that we would hear you clearly and obey you quickly, this I ask in Jesus name. I declare and decree our ears in our tummy, our spiritual ears are open and we hear clearly and obey quickly. In Jesus name. I declare a green light for me and all our partners, according to what YOU have spoken through this little boy. IN the mighty name of Jesus, let it be so this day! Father, bless Benjamin for being a vessel you can use and bless his grandmother for helping to train him up in the way he should go, for not dismissing a small child and for being led by the spirit of God in this hour. In Jesus name. Amen.


The Bible says a little child will lead them….the question is….will we follow when they do?