This is Chris Cummings, owner of Integrity Web Development and designer of this website.  It has been my pleasure to partner with Kim to further this ministry for many years!  I am so honored to be part of this ministry and I am blessed that Kim has supported my heart for missions in Mexico.

I want to take a moment to share with you about my heart for Mexico and how you can support our missions work in Mexico this year.  My wife went on her first mission trip when she was only 14 and had a wonderful experience.  A few years back she had the opportunity to go with our church on their annual mission trip to Ixmiquipan, Mexico.  She had an amazing time on that trip and the moment she got back she asked me to go on the next trip.  We are active in several ministries in our church but going on a missions trip was one desire I really did not have.  She went 2 more times with our church and each time she tried to get me to go but I would come up with excuses not to go.  Finally in 2010 I decided to go with her…and let me tell you it changed my life.  From the moment we arrived I absolutely fell in love with the people of Mexico!  There is, literally, not a day goes by that I do not think about our next trip or pray for the people there.  Since my first trip we are now members of our churches mission board and we LEAD the yearly trips to Mexico. We are also involved with our local Hispanic outreach. My heart is for Mexico and all Hispanic people!

In 2013 a new chapter started as we took our oldest daughter, then 12, on her first trip and she has caught the same vision we have for Mexico and missions in general. In another year we will take our youngest daughter as well.

Our heart is not just for missions in Mexico but for world missions. In November of 2013, my wife was able to take her first medical missions trip to Nepal. In the near future we are looking for the possibility of trips to Japan and Africa as well.

I believe God has called us into world missions and I’m excited for the possibilities in store. All glory to God!

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Finally, if you have any questions at all our about trip, please feel free to email me at chris@iwdonline.com

Thank you for your consideration in supporting our Mission Trip to Mexico!

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