DSC_0032One night I was sitting outside reading a book, as I looked up to the sky the clouds seemed close enough to touch, which is quite unusual here. I was feeling the presence of God, actually I had started feeling His presence about an hour before that, I knew He was there, I knew His manifest presence was there.

I began to sing worship songs to God and simply enjoy His presence; as I did I heard one thing in my spirit. I heard ‘I am near.’ I knew He was extremely near, I could feel Him, but I didn’t feel He was near only for me but for all His children, His covenant people.

I was reminded of a verse in 2 Chronicles 16:9. It says ‘the eyes of the Lord run to and fro across the earth, searching for those whose heart is perfect before Him, that He might show Himself strong on their behalf.’

I thought about that this scripture for a while and then decided to do a word search. I found that the word heart means the inner man. The word perfect means complete, peaceful, at peace and in covenant.

In other words, God is searching across the earth to find someone whose heart is at peace, trusting Him because they are in covenant with Him – to those people; He has come near to show Himself strong – or to prevail on their behalf. This is what I feel He was saying to me as I sat in His presence.
Then I was reminded of another scripture found in Isaiah 62:11; ‘behold thy salvation cometh, behold His reward is with Him and His work before Him.’

The word salvation means deliverance, rescue, prosperity and victory. Reward means hire, wages, reward and passage-money. The word work means recompense, reward and wages and finally the word before means…in His presence, and literally in His face.

God is saying that His deliverance, His prosperity and His victory is found one place…with Him, in His face. His wages, His reward, His recompense for all you have given and believed for is with Him, it is only found in His presence. When His presence shows up, His reward, His recompense, His victory comes with Him.

Isn’t that great news! God is saying that He is near and if He is near so is your victory! So is your recompense. So is your reward! So is all you have been standing for, believing for and giving for…it is all with Him, in His presence, literally in His face.

Are you one of those He is looking for? Are you in covenant with God? Do you know your covenant with God; are you assured of that covenant and its promises? Is your heart at peace because of that covenant?

If so, He is looking, searching for you and He has your reward with Him. I encourage you today to spend time in His presence. Let Him know that you believe He is near. Let Him know that you are in faith and waiting on His presence and His reward. Seek His face. Everything that is good and everything that is great comes from spending time in the presence of the Lord. All blessings flow from that place, that secret place in God.

He is here…He is near…He is searching for you…and His reward is with Him.

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