I love the verse of scripture in Matthew 19:26; with God all things are possible…ALL things are possible with God…with God all things are POSSIBLE.

I think we tend to forget this sometimes.

Sometimes in life, when you are expecting a breakthrough, you hit a setback instead. For some of us, we hit setback after setback, until we come to a place where we feel it is never going to end, it is never going to change…but that is a lie of the devil.

The Bible tells me if I allow patience to have its perfect work, in the end I will be complete, lacking nothing. Therefore, on days when I feel it isn’t going to happen, I remind myself ‘this is only temporary, it is subject to change, and it will change. I may have to tell myself that repeatedly, but it remains the truth.

My circumstances are subject to change because with God all things are possible.

When Jesus prayed for people, He often asked how long they had been in that condition. He said to a crippled man lying at the pool of Bethesda, “How long have you been here?” The man said, “Thirty-eight years.” Jesus asked a woman how long she had been sick. She answered Him and said, “Eighteen years.” When parents brought their grown son, who was blind to Jesus. Jesus asked, “How long has your son been blind?” They said, “Since he was born.”

Now, why did Jesus ask these questions? After all, He already knew exactly how long they had been this way. Why did He want to know how long they had suffered or dealt with this issue? What was Jesus saying to them when He asked that question and then healed them? He was saying NOTHING IS PERMANENT. He was saying ‘it doesn’t matter how long you have waited or how long you have been sick or how long you have been trying to become debt free, it can change in the blink of an eye. He wanted everyone listening to know that nothing is impossible with God and all things are subject to change when Jesus is on the scene. Oh, I love that!

I know several people who have faced the same situations year after year. Even for me personally, there is a stand of faith I have made in a certain area and I have been standing in faith for many years. Therefore, as I was studying this today I took courage, reminding myself that it is going to change. God is still God. God still does the impossible and nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with my God. If He said it and He did, He will do it, and I will see it come to pass.

I believe God is saying to us today; ‘I can still turn it around. I can change this for you. I can bring it all to pass. You will live your dream. You will see your promise. I still heal today. I still deliver today. I still prosper today. I am the same God, I change not, and nothing is impossible to me. All things are possible with Me.’

I am excited today! Things are changing because Jesus and God are on the scene and the Kingdom of God is being established all around you, in your home, in your business, in your ministry, in your family, in your finances and in your body. God is on the scene and things are changing, embrace the change! And remember…with God all things are possible.

Prayer for today: God of the impossible, we worship you and we thank you that nothing is impossible with you. Today, we ask you to turn every impossible situation around… we declare it is finished with you today, knowing all things are possible because we believe in your word. Thank you for doing the impossible today, in Jesus name. Amen.

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