Over the weekend, I was reminded of the importance of atmospheres. In our home, our business and even our churches.

Make no mistake about it, whatever flows through your home will have influence on your home – it will produce life or death, blessing or curse. Therefore, it is vital we watch over the atmospheres of our home and keep everything out that is not pleasing to God.

I didn’t always realize the importance of atmospheres, even though Brother Norvel spoke on them often. I didn’t realize what we said or did will literally alter an atmosphere. I will never forget the day I learned this important lesson.

I was traveling to Tulsa, OK. I had a meeting with Lindsay Roberts. I was very excited to visit the area. I especially wanted to see the City of Faith and ORU.

It was a long drive for us. I was weary when I first stepped out of the vehicle at the City of Faith, but everything changed when I exited my vehicle. I was astounded at the atmosphere – even outside – I felt tangible faith. It surrounded me. I stood there, motionless, for a long time, drinking in this wonderful atmosphere. That day changed me. It changed the way I saw things. I knew at that moment, atmospheres could be changed with faith, prayer, and the Word of God. Even the atmosphere of a city.

That was many years ago, but it stays with me even today.

God works in atmospheres. We see this in the life of Jesus. There were times when He told all the people with unbelief to leave before He could do a miracle. Why? He couldn’t work in an atmosphere of unbelief.

What is the atmosphere like in your home today? Is it one that God can work in? Is it faith filled? Love filled? Or are there things happening in your home that are producing an ungodly atmosphere?

Anger, division, television programs, media and many other things affect the atmosphere in your home. Whatever you allow in will have influence on the atmosphere of your home. I don’t know about you, but I desire an atmosphere where God has free reign and where He can move. I desire an atmosphere that invites the presence and the glory of God to make His abode in my home. I don’t want a visitation – I want God to abide daily in my home.

In Genesis 1:3, the Word of God says, Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

When studying this scripture, I found the word, light, means.

Light of life.

Light of prosperity.

Light of instruction.

Light of Jehovah.

I think we can all agree, the world looks dark right now.  However, even as bad as it looks, I doubt it looks as dark as it did to God in Genesis 1:3.

Yet, even then, what God spoke came to be.  He declared, “Light be.”  And light was.   God changed the atmosphere – we can do the same thing.

This morning, I opened the doors of my house, and I began to speak the Word of God over my house. I commanded anything and everything not of God to leave my house. I invited, once again, the presence and glory of God to fill my home. I asked God to show me anything that was not pleasing to Him and to help me keep a continual, consistent, atmosphere of faith and love in my home. I commanded “Light Be!” in my home. I commanded peace in my home.

Today, I ask you to pray about the atmosphere of your home. Is it pleasing to God? Are there some things that need to be removed? If so, remove them. Repent and move on. Then set a new atmosphere by reading the Word of God aloud in your home. By praying daily in your home. By worshipping in your home. I personally keep the Word of God or worship music playing continually in my home. It keeps an atmosphere of worship in my home. My friend, atmospheres are important – for you and to God.