There are days where God simply amazes me, today was one of those days. Oddly enough I expect God to show up in the big things but there are times when He shows up in the small things, the things that would not matter to anyone but me, those times amaze me the most. I want to share such a time with you today.

My sister and I are making a quilt for her son and his upcoming wedding. She asked me to go to a certain fabric store we both love to get the fabric, I agreed. We both had to work around work schedules and appointments for today. We wanted to leave early, but it just didn’t work out. Then we wanted to leave around 10am, again, it didn’t work out. It was a couple hours later when we finally started on the 2 hour round trip to the fabric store.

When we started across the river, we were behind a huge truck and camper that was going very, very slow. We couldn’t get around him and he wasn’t going 20 miles an hour. We were both getting frustrated. When he finally turned off, we picked up speed for a few minutes. Then up ahead we could see a storm coming, geez. Sure enough, the storm hit and slowed us down again. We thought it was taking forever to get there.

When we finally arrived, we got out of her truck and walked to the door. What do you think it said? Yes! Closed on Monday’s. Oh my goodness. We turned around to walk back to the vehicle and the owner came out the door. She said ‘Kim, do you need something?’ I said ‘yes, but it’s okay, we didn’t know you were closed on Monday’s, we should have called.’ She said ‘it’s okay, come on in.’ We went in, got what we needed and as I was paying she said ‘your timing was perfect, I had just arrived and I was only running in and out, if you had come at any other moment, you would have missed me.’

Of course, God began to speak to me and take me back to the journey of our trip. We had tried to get there sooner, we had tried to speed up, but it seemed like thing after thing got in our way and slowed us down. Now God was showing me that what I perceived as obstacles and delays were actually things HE used to make sure I arrived at the exact time I needed to. How good is our God!

So I have to ask you today friend. Could those delays have been put in your way to make sure that you were exactly where you were supposed to be at exactly the right time?

Could those, what you perceived as obstacles, actually have been tools God used to make sure you were in His timing and therefore able to partake of His blessing?

And…could those storms that came across your path actually be used for your good? Of course they could.

The Bible is clear, God will take everything….everything meant for our harm and turn it for our good. He will even put things in our path to slow us down if we need to slow down in order to partake of His blessing. If we need to slow down to be at the right place at the right time….HE LOVES US SO MUCH THAT HE WILL SLOW US DOWN.

God has a timing for everything, I don’t know about you, but I rest easy knowing He is working everything for my good, even when I am the one getting frustrated at the things that appear to be obstacles….today, He allowed me to see it all from a different perspective. He is a good God and I am so blessed to know Him, to live for Him, to serve Him. I am so thankful to Him for all the times He is with me in the big stuff and the small stuff….He loves me that much. He loves you that much too.
Let’s look at things differently, if something slows us down, know that God may be doing it for our good. If it appears that obstacles are in your way, before you rebuke the devil, take a moment and ask God if you need to slow down or go another direction. It could be that God is truly working all things for your good….it truly could be. After all, He loves YOU that much!