On earth as it is in heaven. This phrase exploded in me as I listened to my friend, Vicki, talk about her mom.

Vicki’s mom, had moments before, went to be with the Lord. Vicki had cared for her mom in her home for months, praying over her daily. This wonderful lady, well past 100, was now with her King.

As Vicki was sharing the events of the night with me, she said “I have to get those glasses off her, she sure doesn’t need them where she is now!”
It was at that precise moment this scripture exploded in my heart. On earth as it is in heaven.

It was as if God preached me an entire sermon in those seven small words.

I knew exactly what He was saying. Part of what He was saying was “if it isn’t in heaven, it shouldn’t be in us!”

If it is not needed in heaven, we do not have to need it on earth. I am not condemning anyone who wears glasses. I wear reading glasses every single day. However, as I heard the Spirit of God speak this scripture to me, I was personally convicted.

It hasn’t been many years ago that I confessed the word of God daily over my eye sight. At the end of that year, I had perfect vision, not even needing reading glasses. The eye doctor was shocked at how much my eyes improved that year. His parting statement was “keep doing what you have been doing, it’s working.”

Over the past couple years, I let go of that stand and have slowing began to wear reading glasses telling myself it is a natural occurrence of getting older. But that is not what the Bible says. The Bible says Moses eyes were not dim. He walked with God and he did not experience aging in his eyes as most people do.

On earth as it is in heaven.

In heaven there is no sickness or disease. Therefore, we have a covenant right to live disease free. In heaven there is no lack. We have a blood bought right to live free from lack. Whatever is in heaven, we have a right to. We have a right to long life. We have a right to strength. We have a right to peace in our life. These things were paid for with the precious blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s time we begin to partake of all He paid for.

Let’s look a little deeper into our hearts concerning on earth as it is in heaven. In heaven, there is no anger. No bitterness. No unforgiveness. No adultery. No abuse. No evil words spoken. No slander or gossip. If it is not in heaven, it should not be in us.

Friends, I believe it is time we begin to go after and lay hold of what Jesus died to give us. In the Bible, little by little, the children of God took their Promised Land. It can be the same way with us. Little by little we can take and walk in all God has for us. It begins with finding out exactly what belongs to us through the cross. Then, we must apply that word to those areas of our lives.

As we spend time in the word of God, we will become fully persuaded at what God says is ours. We will believe it belongs to us, that is the first step. The Bible says, “blessed are those who believe, for they shall see a performance of those things spoken by the Lord.” (Luke 1:45) May that be you! May you see a performance of the promises of God in your life.

My prayer for you is this; As it is in heaven, may it be in you…this very year.

“It’s your time! Don’t let it pass you by! Shine and show forth the fullness of God!” – K Potter