“Life would be impossible without the atmosphere.”

Of course, we know that is true as far as living on the earth goes, yet we fail to recognize how important atmospheres are in our home and in our lives. Things happen when the atmosphere is conducive for it. We see that in the earth. When the atmosphere is just right a tornado comes. Or when the atmosphere is just right storm cells are created. Or when the atmosphere is just right, we have a week of warm and sunny days. It’s all dependent on the atmosphere.

Atmospheres are also vital in the spiritual lives.

Have you ever been praying or praising God, when suddenly the atmosphere changed? It became ignited with the presence of God. Or in a church service, where everyone is worshipping or praising and all of a sudden you feel a change in the air. Something happened to alter the atmosphere and when it did – it brought God on the scene.

When God’s presence shows up – everything changes. And nothing is impossible.

Often this happens when we do something the Lord is leading us to. Even something that makes no sense. I remember such an occasion one of our readers once shared with me. She said the Lord told her to get her umbrella and declare that blessings were raining on her church. She obeyed and the presence of God showed up. Suddenly the praise and worship went in a totally different direction, and they began to sing songs about blessings raining down – what happened? She altered the atmosphere. She created the atmosphere that God desired, and He came to dwell with them.

I will never forget the Sunday after we buried my dad. I was at church, trying to keep to myself when God spoke to me. He asked me a few questions and then He gave me instruction. He told me to go up to the front and dance before Him. I obeyed and the atmosphere changed in an instant. Not only that, but it broke the spirit of grief off me, and I have never, not once, grieved for my Dad again. I miss him – but the spirit of grief left me in that atmosphere, and it never came back.

Atmospheres are important. God moves in atmospheres. He shows up when the atmosphere is conducive for His presence.

What do I mean? He shows up when you are worshipping or praising. He shows up when we pray. Oh, I know God is with us always – I am not talking about that. I am talking about His MANIFESTED presence, it’s tangible, you can feel it with every cell of your body. When THAT shows up – things change.

For that reason, we cannot partner with fear, worry or anxiety. When we do, our atmosphere is filled with fear, doubt, and confusion. That is not an atmosphere conducive to a miracle. Or to the tangible presence of God.

Psalm 16:11 says, In His presence is fullness of Joy!

Have you ever been to a place in God, or in life, when things were so good that your joy was FULL? Most people have not. This place comes in His presence because in His presence, things change. They change to the degree that produces joy, fullness of joy.

What kind of atmosphere is in your home? In your workplace? In your marriage? Surrounding your children?

Is it an atmosphere of peace and joy? Is it one of love? Is it one where miracles can take place? If so, wonderful! But if not, you can alter that atmosphere. It’s up to you alone to change it.

How do you do that?

Declare God’s Word into the atmosphere. Praise God until the atmosphere changes. Worship God and watch the atmosphere change. And keep anything that would be offensive to God out of the atmosphere.

In the world we are in, it’s not enough to be in God’s presence on Sunday for an hour or so. Not near enough. We must, as a church, cultivate and create an atmosphere where God desires to dwell in our homes. It all starts in our homes.

This week, purpose in your heart to create an atmosphere in your home where God is pleased to dwell. You will be so glad you did.

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