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This past weekend I was praying and seeking God about the partner letter for this month. I kept thinking of August being the eighth month, eight which signifies new beginnings and I was filled with hope.

I had also been working on a project, a book, that would need 52 teachings for a yearly devotional. Therefore, the number 8 and 52 have been on my mind for days. Furthermore, I have been thinking about and praying for the multiplication of our partners and their finances in the past couple days – that’s you. I am praying God will multiply all the seeds sown and cause a harvest to come forth on your behalf. While praying about all this today, I received an email with a prophetic word for this month by Rene Picota. I want to share it with you and then finish this article…here goes!

‘My heart is so full of God’s glory today. For many, you are transitioning into a new season. The Lord is so wonderful. It is time for a new beginning. Many of you have been through a pruning. There have been people who have left your life. Some have gone on to be with the Lord. Others have left your church. Others have left your work place. The Lord says they left so that there could be room for the new that I am bringing into your life.

There will be no more subtraction and division. That season is coming to an end. Seasons change as your decisions change. Choose to change seasons right now. Now it is time for multiplication. As I was thinking of new beginnings, I knew the number 8 prophetically means new beginning. August is the eighth month. Then, in my mind, I turned the number 8 on its side and I saw two circles attached. The Holy Spirit began to download fresh revelation upon me.

I began to receive revelation about multiplication. Many have the grace of addition on their life. But now is the time for multiplication. The Lord says I am getting ready to release My glory, My signs, and My wonders. Money will begin to multiply. Gifts are coming. Churches are about to explode with growth. Business accounts are coming in from places you didn’t even know existed. I am multiplying the gifts I am distributing to my children says the Lord.

In this season nothing is impossible! All you need is to have faith so that you can access the realm of God’s glory. It is time to partner with God’s heart. It is time to pull miracles from heaven to earth. Miracles are going to come from the glory realm into the natural realm through the activation of your faith. Faith moves God’s heart. Faith and obedience is what led the Israelite’s to victory when they marched around Jericho 7 times. The walls came falling down. Many walls that you have been marching around – the walls of doubt and fear – they are about to come down. The walls around your heart are coming down in Jesus name! This is a time to believe God for miracles!

The anointing of multiplication is an anointing of miracles! A miracle is always put into motion by an act of faith in the natural. Moses lifted his rod and then the Red Sea parted. Jesus put mud on a blind man’s eyes and told him to go wash them in the pool of Siloam, then he received his sight.

Jesus took a boy’s lunch offering of five loaves and two fishes and then God blessed it and it multiplied. God blesses and then it multiplies. It didn’t multiply in the hands of Jesus – it multiplied in the hands of the disciples as they gave it out. We can learn so much from this story. Many want the anointing of multiplication but don’t understand that the anointing costs them something. I am not talking about money. Many have misunderstood what money is. Money is a tool, that is all it is. The anointing costs you your life. You must consecrate your life and pour your life into worshiping Him forever in the secret place. You cannot buy the anointing. You cannot take someone else’s anointing. However, something I have learned through my years of ministry: you can become a channel through which God pours His anointing. Instead of going after His hand, go after His face. That is where you will gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and He will take your breath away and set you free.

The Lord spoke to me and told me that this new season many are stepping into is a season that will last 52 weeks. These 52 weeks sum up for a total of 365 days. The Lord immediately said 5 loaves and 2 fishes. When I joined the two numbers, that is the number 52. Immediately, I started weeping in God’s presence. I knew many would be touched by this blog and would begin to weep as the anointing of multiplication invaded their lives. That’s why as you read this right now, you feel the anointing. There is such a heavy glory as I am writing this. The atmosphere of glory is here. There is a cloud of glory where I know the Lord and I see Him….I feel Him. All you have to do is lift your hands and surrender to the Spirit and give Him honor and glory.’

I hope that word brought you hope! I have felt for some time that we would see breakthroughs for many people in August. I have felt God would pour out His blessings on the faithful followers of God and those who have sown seeds into His kingdom, helping build HIS church as I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. I believe with all my heart as we build HIS church, He will take great care of us and our families.

With all that being said, I am asking you to pray this month about the seed you are sowing as your partner seed. Pray and ask God what you can do to help build HIS church and then sow that seed. If this ministry has blessed you this year, consider sowing a seed this month. As you do, we will take that seed and pray for a new beginning in your finances as well as a multiplication from God like you have never known. It is my prayer that this will be a month of new beginnings for all of us….may it be unto us according to this word.

I don’t usually send a prophetic word from someone else as part of our partner letter, however, I felt the agreement in my spirit with this word and I know it is for us and I know it is for now.

May divine multiplication touch your seed this month according to the word of God in 2 Corinthians 9:10-11; Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God…. in Jesus name. Amen.