I once heard a story that I found so interesting – it comes to mind several times each year. I would like to share it with you today.

The story was about a missionary who was being flown over Africa on his way to a mission trip. In the area he was flying through there were miles and miles of sand and barren land as far as the eye could see.

He and the pilot were talking about how sandy and barren it was, suddenly he saw an area that was very small and perfectly square, but this area was different, it was overflowing with a lush and wonderful garden. The missionary asked the pilot what it was. The pilot explained that it was an area where the locals had attempted to drill down looking for water. They had indeed found a hidden river far beneath the sand. They left the hole where they had dug open to see what would happen.

Much to their surprise things began to grow and grow, until that space was a lush garden.

The missionary asked if they had planted new seeds once they discovered the hidden river? The pilot responded that they had not planted seeds. He explained that the growth came from seeds planted years ago, they simply came up once they were watered.

It reminded me of something God once told me. He told me, He never forgets a seed. Once a seed is sown, it has a marvelous capability to produce a harvest. It only needs the correct conditions, ones that are conducive to growth. In this area of Africa, the only thing lacking was someone taking the time to dig down and find water.

The Bible says that whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. Once sown, reaping is a promise. However, I know from experience, if you sow seeds in the ground and refuse to water them, they will lay dormant or die. I also know if you sow seeds in the ground and tend to them, watering them and keeping the weeds out, they will grow and produce the promised harvest.

Seeds need water. Many of you have a lot of seed in the ground over the years, financial seeds that you have sown and sown. I want you to take a look at your seeds today and see if they are getting the proper amount of water. It is important that we water the seeds we sow, and we do that with the Word of God. Another thing that produces water on your seed is worship. (Zech 14:17.) When we worship God, He sends His rain.

The Bible says whatever you sow for the gospels sake you will receive 100-fold in this life. That means every dime you have sown into ministries, for the gospel’s sake, you have a promised harvest of 100-fold return in this life. Water the seeds you have sown into this ministry and other ministries by speaking that promise over your seed.

God never forgets a seed. God does not lie. If He said it, He will bring it to pass. That being said, He needs our cooperation. What is our part? Water our seed with our words. Keep the weeds out by refusing to become disheartened. Speak only good things over your seed and expect a harvest. And worship God for who He is.

This month I am speaking to every seed you have sown, praying over it, declaring God’s Word over it. I am watering it. I will continue to water it until you have a lush, bountiful harvest, just like the missionary saw in Africa. Every seed you have planted will come up with the right conditions and I believe God is saying, “water your seed.”

Friends, nothing is ever lost in God. Those seeds you sowed years ago are still viable. They are still able to produce fruit and we are going to speak to them and water them until they do. Will you join us?

Sowing is powerful, I am living proof of that truth. I sowed a seed over thirty years ago for a job where I could work with the Word of God and spend time in His presence. He has honored that seed for many years. I am still walking in that harvest.

I have a friend who was believing God for a house. She shared with me how she sowed a seed for each thing in her house. She sowed for the house itself, she sowed for the drapes, the furniture, the accessories, everything she had a desire for, she sowed for. Then she watered that seed and watched it grow. Today she is living in the home, debt free, filled with the good things she sowed seed for. You could never convince her that sowing seed does not work. It is time for the Body of Christ to enjoy the good life Jesus died to give them and part of that is financial, if you have sown…YOU SHALL REAP. Water your seed today – and reap your harvest.