images (8)After reading several emails and letters over the weekend, I wanted to take a moment and encourage you in your giving. Several of you have been giving faithfully and generously from the beginning of the year. Many of you have sent in testimonies of harvest, some of you are still standing in faith for your harvest. I rejoice with those of you who have seen your harvest and I wanted to encourage those who are still standing in faith. I really didn’t know how to do that until I read this article by Jane Hamon of Vision Church. I am going to share part of what she said in her article, I hope you are blessed…I know I was.

At the beginning of this year my mother-in-law, Evelyn “Mom” Hamon, had a spiritual dream which demonstrates quantum leap provision. In this dream she saw Bishop Hamon and some of our ministry leaders ministering to a large field of people. After a while the people were getting hungry. Just as in the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, they searched around and came up with just a few loaves of bread, hardly enough to meet the overwhelming need.

Still, Bishop ripped off a piece of bread and handed it to one of the people. As he gave it, suddenly his loaf of bread was whole again. When that person took the bread in his hand, he immediately broke off a piece and put it in a basket for Bishop, then turned and gave a piece to someone else. When he did that, his small piece turned into a whole loaf.

As each one kept breaking bread, they would first put a piece in a basket for Bishop then share a piece with others, and their piece was made whole each time. At the end, Bishop had the original few loaves of bread even though he had fed a multitude. But besides there were baskets full of provision that came back to him. Everyone present ate and was full and had an abundance left over afterwards for themselves.

This is quantum bread! As we give and share what God has given us, we will see a miraculous demonstration of multiplied provision. Our little suddenly becomes much! God shifts us from scarcity to abundance in one giant leap!

As we sow financial seeds, we should expect a quantum leap release into our own finances. Already we are hearing of financial miracles where debt has been suddenly cancelled, properties have sold, new contracts are being signed; expansion, blessing and prosperity are breaking out in the lives of many!
This is a time for the manifestation of the Prophet’s Reward. The Shunammite woman, in 2 Kings 4, made a place in her home for the Prophet of the Double Portion, Elisha. He represented the voice of God to her life, her city, and her land. As she made a place for the voice of God in her home, that became a place of miracles for her. Because of her generous heart and her desire to receive the voice of God, she received the Prophet’s Reward, which was the miracle she needed that money could not buy!

After years of barrenness, BAM! she had a child. Years later she needed another miracle as that child of promise dropped dead suddenly. She took the child and placed him on the bed in the room she made for the prophet, the voice of God. When Elisha came in he confronted the spirit of death on the child, and BAM! The child experienced a quantum leap, out of death into life! Again, in 2 Kings 8, after having lost her land and house when she obeyed the prophet and fled for seven years as famine came upon the land, the Shunammite experienced another BAM! quantum leap encounter when instantly all that she lost was immediately restored!

To further demonstrate the concept of quantum leaps that take place in a “suddenly season,” allow me to relate the story of Chinese Bamboo. It is a costly, precious wood grown in places in China. The first year the farmer plows his field and prepares the ground for the bamboo seed. He then carefully digs small holes for each seed and plants the crop. He waters it, fertilizes it, and weeds it, carefully watching over the ground in which his crop is growing. But at the end of the first year when he surveys the progress of growth, he sees nothing, no sign of life, no tender shoot, nothing.

In the second year he waters, weeds, fertilizes, and tends his field, but again, at the end of that year…nothing. By the end of the third growing season a small shoot pushes its way above the soil. It only achieves about three inches of growth; after three years, that averages one inch per year. Not exactly impressive. By the end of the fourth year of growth the plant measures a little over a foot tall.

But in the fifth year of growth the bamboo shoot hits a growing season which lasts four months. During those four months the bamboo which the farmer has lovingly tended for five years SUDDENLY shoots 90-100 feet tall! There are days in which the bamboo actually grows 3-4 feet in a single day. SUDDENLY!

I think we have all come to realize that God’s “suddenlies” don’t always happen suddenly. But we are now in a quantum leap “suddenly season” where we will see those things we have prayed over, decreed to, quoted Scriptures for, prophesied into, and warred a good warfare for suddenly come to pass.

This is a now season! We cannot be discouraged or disappointed by the previous years as we have looked out over our planted field of promise and seen no visible results of our labor. Because suddenly, BAM! Rapid growth, fulfillment, and harvest are at hand! It is time to experience the quantum power of the Kingdom of God. Miracles, signs, and wonders are our portion as we take off the limits and arise to our potential in Christ Jesus. Quantum glory is at hand!

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