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Be Still and Know…

Be still and know I am God – I think that is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. However, that is often what I hear God speaking to me – just be still and know I am God. The Amplified says it like this: Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where God is speaking to you to be still – or let it be – and know He is God. When He says this, all He is saying is ‘trust Me.’

We may find ourselves in a situation where we suddenly are without a job – be still and know He is God. Or we may find ourselves in a place where there is division in our marriage – be still and know He is God. We may find ourselves with a disease that is out of our control – be still and know He is God. We may find ourselves without the money to pay a bill that is already past due – be still and know He is God.

One thing I have learned – He will not fail you. However, sometimes the hardest time is between the moment we pray and the time of manifestation of the answer. You see, we often pray and ask God to do something and we know He has heard us because we feel His awesome presence and He gives us peace. Then a few more days go by. What happens in this time is vital to your outcome.

When it appears – and keep in mind, I said ‘appears’ as if it is not going the way you prayed – it is vital what you do with your mouth during this time. If you begin to dig up the seeds of the word of God that you have prayed over the situation – then you are right back where you started BEFORE you prayed in the first place.

How do you pull up the seeds of the word of God? By saying things like ‘this is just not working’ or ‘I’m so tired of this, it is never going to end, or get any better’ or ‘I prayed about this and God isn’t doing anything.’ What is happening here is that the words you prayed have been dug up before they even had time to produce the desired results. And this is what the Bible calls a double minded man – unstable in his ways – who receives NOTHING from the Lord.

Let me ask you today? What are you saying – not when you are praying – but the rest of the time – what are you saying? When it looks bad, what do you say? When the pressure is on, what do you say? When you want to say only negative things or when you want to just complain about what is happening, what are you saying? Whatever you say in that moment is what determines how long this battle will last. It is also what determines your outcome.

If you can only say what the word of God says – the battle will be shorter and the victory sweeter – you can count on that. But you must discipline yourself to get into agreement with God and His word and say nothing else – nothing else – refuse to speak UNLESS YOU SAY WHAT YOU WANT THE FINAL OUTCOME TO BE. Say only what you desire the final outcome to be. This is key to your victory. If you can get this one thing, you are on your way to victory.

I am not saying to keep silent – No! Keep saying what you desire the outcome to be – keep calling it into the now – keep declaring ‘light be.’ Don’t keep silent – but don’t say ANYTHING that goes against the word of God or what you want the final outcome to be.