rainA year or so ago, Breanne decided to home school Bryson for a few months until she was past her move and all the other things that came with it. She felt it would make things much easier for them to get packed and moved and set up without having to add extra stress to the process and it would enable him to keep up his work without interruption. After much discussion, she decided it would be the best solution for the family all around.

However, when we went in to speak to the Principal about this decision, I saw something on her face that I recognized…a moment of ‘the last straw’. You may know what I mean. Have you ever been in a place where so much was coming against you and you were fighting to stay in faith….and then it happened…that FINAL straw that seemed to break the camels back.

You see, the tuition for homeschool is a third of the cost of what his tuition was, which meant the school would be losing monies they were counting on. The Principal shared with us that in the past few months several families had made the decision to home school for the rest of that year. What I perceived on her face was ‘oh my goodness, we are losing another student, which means we are losing more money.’ I saw on her face that it was the final straw for her, you see, I recognized that particular look. Therefore I excused myself and went to the bathroom and prayed and ask God what he would have me do.

I heard from the Lord and walked back into her office. I said ‘here is what I want to do, I will send you a check, a donation for the school for the rest of the school year for the difference between homeschool tuition and full day tuition.’ She looked up with tears in her eyes and said ‘no, you don’t have to do that.’ I said ‘it is what I want to do.’ I saw the weight come off her shoulders.’ Therefore that is what I did and each month that I sent that offering I was sowing a seed of taking a weight off someone else. What a seed to sow!

You see I had once been in that same place, a place where I felt I desperately needed one thing off my shoulders. During that time I spoke with a close friend and I said ‘I have to get one thing off me.’ I was going through a time of financial lack like I have never known and I needed some relief. She said ‘what amount do you need to enable you to get one thing off you?’ I answered her question, knowing she didn’t have it to give, but that she would pray with me. She replied ‘if God puts it in my hands I will bring it to you.’ Much to both of our surprise, the next day someone put it in her hands and she brought it to me, just as she said.

The following day the same person put the same amount in her hand again saying ‘God said you gave the other away, here is the blessing again.’ WOW!

I remember the feeling of having that one thing off me and I knew I did that same thing for this Principal – thank YOU GOD that I was able to do that.

Friends, we never know what we really give when we give to others, it may take a weight off them that you can’t even imagine. And taking that weight off may empower them to press forward in a time when they were ready to give up. You may be the one thing that helped them through that season – I can promise you this – if you are the one thing that helps them through that season they will never forget you AND they will always remember the faithfulness of their God. I am living proof of that.

Proverbs 3:27 says; “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.” I purpose in my heart to do good for those whom God gives me the power to do good to, how about you?

I want to encourage you today to look for ways to bless others, take a weight off – it will bless you as much as it does them – I promise you that. It is precious seed and God never forgets a seed – today be a blessing! It will come back on you. Every seed you sow will reap a harvest if you refuse to quit….don’t grow weary in well doing….He is faithful and will reward all your seeds, I know this to be true.

Ask God to show you someone who has perhaps been a blessing to you – or simply someone who needs that one thing off them. And then, be a blessing!

If at all possible…take a load off someone today!