gold waterI once read a prophetic word by Denise Mears that I have thought about over and over, I want to share it with you today and give you my thoughts on some of it as it seems to go along with what God is speaking to my spirit in this season.

Be at peace, My children, for this is the time of great salvation. A time when doors are opening as never before. These doors accommodate a new season in time. You have waited for this time and call out for these doors to manifest for you know what is on the other side; a new freedom and a new power. It is as quantum physics; the door materializes as your faith is ignited.

A place never before walked in for it is a place of divine miracles for this season. You have now allowed yourself to believe for such a time. Be extravagant in your faith for then it will come to pass.

Remember the quirk is not there until you establish it or dare to think about it. Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus. I would look to my Father, the giver of all light; the giver of all gifts and miracles.

Again, believe that great salvation has come and you have passed from death unto life; life to all that you are believing for in My Kingdom. Pray for My Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Pray for all breaches to be repaired. Pray for my will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Sense the urgency of this time and push as one in labor.

“Then He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke them, and gave them to the disciples to set before the multitude.” Luke 9:16

In this word, a couple things jumped out at me, actually three, I think. First of all it says ‘the door will materialize as your faith is ignited.’ Second, ‘be extravagant in your faith … for THEN it will come to pass.’

Both these statements remind me of the scripture in the New Testament that says ‘blessed is she who believed for she SHALL SEE a performance of those things spoken to her from the Lord.’ Another instance is found in the New Testament when Jesus said to Thomas ‘you believed because you see, blessed (or empowered to prosper) are those who believed and have not seen.’

Over and over in the Bible we discover the truth that before you see it, you must believe it. In other words before it materializes, your faith must first be ignited. As the word of prophecy says ‘once your faith is released or ignited…that thing will come to pass.’

This is exactly how our world was created. God looked out and saw darkness and released His faith and His words and what He believed materialized. Just like God, you have to see it (with you’re your spiritual eyes) before you can see it; you have to see it with your faith before it will ever come to pass.

Until you release your faith in a matter, nothing will happen, but when you release your faith, when you come to the place where your faith is ignited…nothing can stop it from coming to pass.

Finally, she ended her prophetic word with the scripture about fishes and loaves. I can’t read that scripture without thinking about my friend, Deborah.

During a difficult season of Deborah’s life when her finances were being challenged, to say the least, God had her give her all…and He told her it was her fishes and loaves offering. Although her finances were at an all-time low, she gave a sacrificial offering, she released the fullness of her faith in her offering that day – and it did not return void. Even as I write this I think about what she has done since she sowed that sacrificial seed that day; she traveled to Africa and fed hundreds of women, men and children. She supplied computers for an orphanage in Africa and she was responsible for putting a roof on a building that literally saved the lives of young girls in Africa. That gift, that sacrifice of fishes and loaves just keeps on giving. I don’t know if she even thinks of all she has been able to do since that sacrificial offering.

It didn’t surprise me at all that this prophetic word ended with a scripture on giving sacrificially – it is one way of releasing our faith, especially when it comes to financial miracles.

This is the season, friends, release your faith and it will materialize. Release your faith in a big, big way and it will come to pass. This truly is a season of miracles…just as God has said.