I want to speak with you from my heart today. You will only receive one letter on this subject this year and today is the day!

We have sent our daily teachings out to thousands of people each day for over twelve years now…to GOD be the glory for all He has done. He has been so faithful to us.

The first couple years it was just Breanne and I, we had no partners and we didn’t seek partners. Then one day someone emailed us and said they were so blessed by our writings that they wanted to sow into our ministry. It came out of the blue and through the next few months we became a 501c3 ministry.

Our daily teachings are sent out free of charge and always will be. It is how God set it up. It is our desire to reach as many people as we possibly can with the word of God. It is our goal to bless those who read our daily writings.
We love all our readers and we thank God for you.

Our relationship with our partners is different, deeper in ways. Why? Because by an act of their will, we are in covenant together. They have sown financial seeds into this ministry and this act placed a covenant between us.

When you give to a ministry, you not only bless the people that are being touched by that ministry, but you come into covenant with that ministry which starts a supernatural flow of your finances. Additionally, you partake of the anointing and the blessing that’s on that minister’s life. It’s not bad to want the anointing that is on my life or that of another minister. The Bible says that we are to desire spiritual gifts.

I know the things that are operating in my life are due, in part, to the ministries that I have come into covenant with through my giving. God told me years ago to sow where I am fed. At that time I didn’t realize all the benefits I would receive by being in covenant with them, today I see clearly what I have reaped in my own spiritual life by sowing into theirs. I have not only reaped financially, but I have also reaped spiritually, for that I am thankful.

It’s important to understand the power that is available in partnership and then put that power to work for you. I pray that the eyes of your understanding are enlightened even as you read this writing today.

Now, as I said, our writings are sown into your life daily, free of charge, and that will not change. Whether you are a partner or not, we are thankful you are here and we pray you are being blessed today and every day as you partake of what we send your way.

At the beginning of this year I wrote how my prayer is to be able to bless our financial partners more this year…to minister to them more and in deeper ways. I thank God that He is showing me ways I can do just that.

Next week we will have our first Partner Prayer Call. I am so excited! I have wanted to sow more into our partners lives for some time now and I especially wanted to be able to pray over them each month in a way that they could hear my voice and come into agreement with me…there is great power in agreement. This is one way God is showing me that I can be more of a blessing to our partners.

Additionally, our staff has begun work on a quarterly digital magazine that will be available free to our financial partners. We want to give more to our partners than just the daily writings? Why? Because they give more and it is time for them to reap more!

This magazine will be deeper teachings than I am able to do in the shorter writings each day. I am so excited about it and where God is taking us, our ministry and our partners together. I am seeing God stretch us toward increase and I know if you are partnered with us you will see the same things…for we are in covenant together.

If you are a partner with us, please keep these projects in prayer as we press forward. Pray they will be a tremendous blessing to our partners.

If you are not a partner with us, pray about becoming a partner. This year is going to be great! It is our year to thrive and we, as a group, are pressing toward that mark…will you join us?

We all pray over our partners daily. We also send out an extra partner teaching to our partners each month. And, as we shared earlier, this month we are starting a Partner Prayer Call to enable us to pray over our partners in a deeper and more touchable way. Finally, we are creating a digital magazine for our partners to give them teachings that are deeper than we currently write each day. These are just some of the benefits of partnering with us.

You may sow your partner seed online or mail a check. Consider becoming a monthly partner, you can set that up online as well.

As I said, you will only receive one letter like this in 2017…a letter asking you to join us, to covenant with us, through your giving. If this letter does not speak to you, that’s fine, it is not for everyone…and we pray you are blessed beyond measure today!

Today, I pray that God would pour out all His blessings on you. That He would bless you with peace. That He would bless you with His presence. That He would bless you with His anointing. That He would bless you with His power. That He would bless you with His provision. That all He is would pour out onto and into you this day, in Jesus name.