thToday I want to teach a little on anointing oil. While most of us have used anointing oils, I want to make sure we all know what it really symbolizes and why the Bible has so much to say about anointing oils.

Biblically, we use anointing oils for several different purposes; consecration, prayer, healing and worship.

To be ‘anointed’ literally means to be made sacred, set apart and dedicated to God. It is an endowment that carries with it the enabling of gifts and grace. It also means to be divinely designated, inaugurated and chosen for a specific purpose.

The words ‘anointed, anointing and anoint’ appear more than 150 times in the Bible, it’s that important to God. The word anointed is to smear with oil, which is where anointing oil comes in.

As we know, the ancient Hebrew form of Messiah and the ancient Greek form of Christ literally mean “anointed”; thus, “Jesus Christ” is more accurately rendered “Jesus the Anointed” (or as “Jesus, the Anointed One”, or “Jesus, His Anointed”). This is one of the reasons our Savior first publicly announced Himself as the divine Messiah in Luke 4:18. “The Spirit of Adonai ELOHIM is upon me, because ADONAI has anointed me…”

Why are the oils fragrant? God loves sweet-smelling fragrances, we see this more than 40 times in the Bible. I personally, found it very interesting to study the meanings and spiritual symbolism of some of the fragrances the Bible speaks of, let me share some with you today. Keep in mind, these are some of the ingredients in different anointing oils, they are not all found in each oil.

Frankincense: used on the Altar of Incense in temple times, one of the 3 gifts brought to Messiah (intercession) Song of Songs 3:6, Isaiah 53:5, Hebrews 3:24

Myrrh: Queen Esther bathed in oil of myrrh for six months before her presentation to the King (purification, dying to self, and preparation for the KING) Esther 2:12, Song of Songs 1:13

Hyssop: exotic Biblical plant used in cleansing rituals and in certain sacrifices of the Hebrews (cleansing, purification) Psalm 51:7

Cedars of Lebanon: fragrant wood used to build Temple and also to anoint a restored leper’s house (strength, permanence, wholeness, restoration) Psalm 92:12

Pomegranate: highly prized fruit from ancient times, its motif was used to decorate the temple and was embroidered on high priest’s garment (fruitfulness, abundance, blessings, favor of God) Numbers 13:23

Spikenard: fragrant oil used by Mary to anoint head & feet of Jesus (intimacy, extravagant worship) John 12:2-3

Rose of Sharon: flower depicting the beloved (beauty of the bride) Song of Songs 2:1

Cassia: one principal spice of the Holy Anointing Oil used to anoint priests, kings and their garments. The coming King Messiah’s robes will smell of cassia (humility, being stripped of pride, set apart or holy with a servant’s heart) Psalm 45:8

Cinnamon: Sweet Cinnamon is one of the four aromatic ingredients of the Holy Anointing Oil described in Ex. 30:23.

As you see, these are not just nice oils, they have deep meanings to God and they should to us as well.

The first reference to anointing oil in the Bible is found in Genesis 28-31, where Jacob named the pillar Bethel and poured oil over it declaring it holy and set apart to God
In the book of Exodus, the Lord tells Moses to make a very special and holy anointing oil. This oil was to consecrate and set apart all the articles used in the temple. From this we see we can anoint items in our home, our vehicles and anything else we declare set apart to God…I just love that, don’t you!

We also see that God commanded those who served Him to be anointed as well, we see this when David was anointed as King. We continue to do this practice today, when I was ordained by Norvel Hayes, he anointed me and blessed me and sent me out.

We can do this with those who serve in ministry, but it doesn’t end there. God says we are kings and priests, therefore we can anoint ourselves as well as our children and grandchildren and declare them set apart unto God. I often use anointing oil when I pray for my grandchildren.

And finally, we all know the story of Mary who anointed Jesus feet with her precious oil from the alabaster jar. Jesus Himself said what she did for Him that day was a beautiful thing. He was deeply touched by this thoughtful, heartfelt expression of love for Him.

Later we read the apostle Paul writes: “…thanks be to God, who in the Messiah constantly leads us in a triumphal procession and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of what it means to know Him! For to God we are the aroma of the Messiah, both among those being saved and among those being lost; to the latter, we are the smell of death leading only to more death; but to the former, we are the sweet smell of life leading to more life.” (2Co. 2:14-16)

According to Revelation 3:18, God Himself says to the believers in Laodicea: “I advise you to buy from Me gold…white garments…and eye salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.” King Solomon said: “Always be clothed in white, and always anoint your head with oil.” (Eccl. 9:8, NIV)

Now, we know there is no special power in a bottle of oil, it is simply a point of contact and a symbol of the anointing that dwells in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and now in us. Applying anointing oil is an act of faith and an act of obedience to the word of God.

Consider anointing yourself every morning, praying Scriptures over your mind, heart, ears, eyes, hands and feet. It will change your day!! Another great time to anoint yourself is before you teach, fast, worship or praise.

As the priests of the home, husbands are encouraged to anoint their wives and children for consecration, protection, peace, pronouncing a blessing upon them as did the fathers of old!!

I use anointing oils when I pray for people concerning sickness, oppression and many other things. It is my point of contact and act of faith concerning what the word of God says about this precious oils.

I pray this teaching has been enlightening to you today concerning anointing oils. I know I enjoyed studying this subject.

***For the month of November we will be sending out a bottle of anointing oil, that I have prayed over, for you to enjoy, – our gift to you for sowing a gift of $20 or more into our ministry. If you happen to be a first time giver, please include your mailing address. Thank you for being a part of this ministry. May God continually bless you.

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