Breakthrough…an instance of sudden, dramatic success in a sphere or activity. That is the definition of breakthrough from Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

However, there are a couple definitions that I feel pertain more to a breakthrough in the spiritual realm.

In the military, breakthrough means to advance all the way through and BEYOND the enemy’s front line defense. And finally, my favorite definition and what I feel applies to us; breakthrough means removing or surpassing every obstruction, restriction or resistance.

Why am I thinking of breakthrough today? Frankly, because as I stood looking at the giant hole in our building the other day, the Lord asked me a question that has caused me to reflect on the meaning of breakthrough.

He said ‘what had to happen for her to go up over that sidewalk and go through a brick wall and then a block wall and then the inside walls?’ I said ‘great acceleration Lord!’ He said ‘exactly!’

I knew immediately what He was saying. He was saying ‘if you are going to see breakthrough, you must accelerate exceedingly.’
To accelerate means:
1. To cause to move faster; to hasten; to quicken motion; to add to the velocity of a moving body. It implies previous motion or progression.
2. To add to natural or ordinary progression; as to accelerate the growth of a plant, or the progress of knowledge.
3. To bring nearer in time; to shorten the time between the present time and a future event; as to accelerate the ruin of a government; to accelerate a battle.

I began to think about accelerating the growth of a plant as that is something I am familiar with. To accelerate the growth of a plant I often add miracle grow. I also make sure it is getting the right amount of sun and water.

So, then what do we do to accelerate in the spiritual world if we are needing a breakthrough?

There are many things we can do. We can spend more time in the presence of God. We can increase our prayer time. We can increase the word of God coming out of our mouth. If it involves finances, we can increase our giving.

We can add fasting to our life. We can have other people come into agreement with us in prayer.

There are many things we can do to accelerate and press forward. I know I have been spending a lot of time with God lately, but if He is telling me I need to accelerate then I need to accelerate instead of saying ‘I’m already doing all I know to do!’

It is time to accelerate. It is time to accelerate to the point of breakthrough!

It’s time to surpass every obstruction, restriction and resistance. Whatever you have been doing…. increase it…. press in, accelerate and breakthrough!

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