I once read a word that was quite profound. One I believe relates to many seasons in our life.

The word was… The enemy has been and is attacking the very area God is breathing upon in your life. So be encouraged that great increase and fruitfulness is being released in that part of your life.

Lately, I have been pressing into God for certain things. It seems whatever I am pressing in for is the exact thing that gets attacked or seems to be hindered.

I remember one time I was pressing into God for healing, as I began studying healing more in-depth and daily reading the Word concerning healing, I was hit with attack after attack on my body.

That’s why this word is so encouraging to me. It reminds me that the enemy only attacks areas where he sees God is working. I know if I continue my pursuit of whatever I am believing God for, I will see the fruitfulness God is releasing in my life.

Some challenges are not life altering but more of a hinderance or delay. Attempting to delay our progress.  Doesn’t it often feel as if we are walking through quicksand?

As I talked about this with a friend yesterday, one scripture came to mind.

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.      Song of Solomon 2:15

The little foxes come at harvest time. They come for one reason. To spoil the vine. To stop or hinder the harvest. To make you want to quit.

The good news is, if the little foxes are here, so is the harvest!

The better news is…they cannot spoil your harvest. It is sealed in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

This word says, the enemy is attacking the very areas that God is breathing upon.

With this word in mind, I can see which areas are being breathed upon by God. I can see which areas are having an increase and fruitfulness released to them. That is awesome news, my friend!

How about you? Are there certain areas in your life that seem to be under attack?

It’s the same for you. Whatever areas the enemy seems to be attacking, pay attention. Those areas are marked for increase. They are marked for breakthrough. Your God is breathing upon them today. He is sending forth His angelic hosts to bring increase and fruitfulness. Don’t stop. Keep pressing in.

What an awesome season we are in!

Yes, it is hard at times. However, we are about to experience breakthroughs beyond our imagination. If we hold our confidence steadfast to the end.

We have promises from God. And from His Word. We will not stop until we see them manifest in our lives. Every single one of them.

Today, may this word breathe new life into you. May you realize why the little foxes are here. They are here because the harvest is here! They are the evidence that God is indeed, breathing on your harvest, even this day. To God be all the glory!