12/18/19 – Dream
I had a dream, in the dream I had just purchased my house. I felt that told me the timeline of the dream, since I just closed on my home.

In the dream, a woman I know, came to me to see if I wanted to buy her house as she was leaving. We talked awhile and then I decided to buy the house. I paid $100 for it. That was what she wanted.

I expected it to be a period of time before I got the house. And I expected I was only purchasing the house, nothing else with it. Within days, I was notified that she was gone and I could come look at my property. The house was now mine.

When I arrived at the house I realized it was the house I had dreamed of many times before. Over the past 25 years I have had dreams about this house. In my previous dreams it was three story. The main floor (the second story) was the main living quarters, with ample bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and laundry room.

In my previous dreams – the third floor had steps that went up to it – up there were evil spirits – not that you could see but you could always feel them and it always felt like you were fighting them when you went up to the third floor.

In my previous dream, the bottom floor was a house under the main house. And not only one house but it was houses without end. It went on and on – I never once found the end of it. One door would open into more doors with more living quarters. It was awesome!

Oddly enough, as I was dreaming last night, I was thinking about the other dreams…even in this current dream. I recognized the house in the dream.

As I arrived at the house in this present dream, I walked into the garage. It was full. It had a vehicle in it. It had tools organized all over it. It had antiques and all sorts of treasures.

I said “oh wow, I didn’t know all this stuff was here, I thought I only bought the house.” They said, “no this is all yours.” I said “what about her son?” They said, “He didn’t want it, it’s all yours.”

I walked through the house looking at each room. It was filled with everything you could possibly need. And it had people there cleaning and organizing everything for me. Even preparing meals and such.

I remembered the downstairs from previous dreams. I saw the steps in the present dream leading down to the first floor. I started down the stairs. Sure enough it was the house, I had in previous dreams, the one without end. Room after room was decorated and filled with everything you would need. One door led to another and it seemed to be without end.

Finally, I walked out into the back yard. To my right was a lake. There were people sitting near the lake. It had a paved walking track. I started down the track, talking to the people who were with me.

Once I walked through the property, we started back to my house. My grandmother, who went to be with the Lord many years ago was there. She looked at me and said she couldn’t walk any more. I motioned for her son to come and help her. He said, “no, he wasn’t helping her, she was too heavy.”

I said, “Fine, I will do it.” I picked my grandmother up – she was old – she was fragile but she was extremely heavy. I carried her back to the house and then, she was gone.

I walked back into the house. And even though I was dreaming, I was thinking in the dream…. “this is the timeline – it is NOW, because I just bought my house.”

God showed me a few vital things about this dream.

The first thing He showed me is the ‘house without end’ is always on the bottom floor. To find it you must go low. This has to do with humility. I always think of Pastor Derek, who has been telling me for years… “go low, Kim, keep going low.” What he means is be humble. Humility is the way to all God has for us.

As I was thinking about that, I thought, “okay God, what about the third floor, with the creepy stuff.” His answer to me was so profound and yet so simple. He said, “as long as you allow pride to stay in your HOUSE, you will always be fighting.

I knew by ‘my house’ he meant in my life. When He told me that I remembered that this current dream didn’t have access to the the third floor or the creepy stuff. Thank God. Friends, we must keep all pride out of our life and live a life of humility.

Doesn’t that make sense. That pride would be on the top floor – as pride is always trying to exalt itself about God and His word. Thankfully, pride had no entrance in this current house.

As for my grandmother in the dream. I felt like she represented an inheritance we have that may have been passed down from generation to generation, through our bloodlines, yet no one wanted to pick it up because it was heavy to carry. Not even those sons whom it rightfully belonged to….I picked it up and carried it as I carried her. It is time we claim and lay hold of our inheritance.

Our inheritance is without measure – without end. Isn’t that amazing!

Friends, I know there is more insight to this dream – but I wanted to quickly share what God has already revealed to me.

We have an inheritance. It’s funny, the night before I had this dream, I wrote in my journal… “inheritance, call it forth.” I wrote it as I was writing notes to pray over the partners the next day. That same night, God gave me this dream.

YOU HAVE AN INHERITANCE. If you are willing to carry it – call it forth.

For me personally, I am doing several things to release my faith concerning our inheritance. I am first of all, thanking and praising God for this dream and its insight. I am declaring our inheritance comes forth now in Jesus name. And I sowed a $100 seed into this word/ dream. Why? Several reasons – I know this dream was from God and I am thankful. I wanted to extend my faith in the direction of my dream. That was the amount in my dream, had it been $10, I would have sown that – but I felt He gave me, personally, a direction to go. And finally, because God reminded me that one definition of sowing is declaring and calling it forth.

I am calling my inheritance forth – AND – I am calling yours forth. Are you willing to carry it? It may be heavy – but you can do it. The time is now – call it forth.