I just finished my audio prayer for our partners for the week.  I must say, I am beyond blessed.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for each of our partners.

At this time each year, I like to take a moment to share some things with our readers…especially those who are new to us.

I want to take a moment and ask you to share our writings with friends and family who you feel would be blessed by them.  As you do, also ask them to sign up to receive our daily motivation in their email box.  This is how we grow!  We have never advertised our emails, God, in His goodness has brought growth from word of mouth alone, therefore it helps tremendously when you share our writings with those around you.

I want to share a few words with you from our faithful partners…

Thank you! Your writings have brought a peace into my soul!!  V.

As a new subscriber…I am truly blessed each day w/ your words of love, hope, faith!!!  V.J.

Good morning Kim,

I wanted to bring an encouraging reminder to you today of what a blessing you and your ministry are to me. Daily I read your words and if God brings someone to my mind that needs that word, I pass it on. But the main focus of this email is to let you know that you and your ministry are fertile soil! I needed money to pay my personal property taxes and didn’t have it. God put it on my heart to sow a seed into your ministry on Thursday morning 11-29 for my taxes. I wrote the check and put it in the mail that day. On that following Sunday 12-2, God had provided the money through someone and she didn’t know anything about my need, so taxes paid! PRAISE GOD! So be encouraged today my sister in Christ. What you are doing is making a difference and impact not only through your encouraging words but also as a place that is truly fertile soil. I believe ANT ministry soil has the “MIRACLE GROW” of God in it.  T.S.

Kim, Just know that this ministry has been such a HUGE blessing in my life. Sometimes it’s as if the daily devotionals were sent just for the season in my life that I am or was going through!  You will see that my monthly seed increased. It’s all due to God. You see on last May – the Monday after Mother’s Day, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But God. He brought me through that time and spoke to me the entire journey. I was out of work 4 months. It was during this time, ANT was such a blessing to my spirit. I am now back at work and guess what? My FIRST day back in the office, I was called to a meeting with my boss….I got a bonus and a raise!!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! Who does that? Only our Father.  Thank you, Kim for being obedient in following God’s prompting on your life so many, many years ago. I appreciate you; love this ministry and pray God will continue to use you all for His glory!  I thank God for this ministry. I thank God I can seed in such fertile ground. ANT never ceases to produce good word harvests to get full from.  A.J.

I just want to say Thank You for being obedient and sending out this letter. I also want to thank you for the prayer. It is one I will be using as I continue to get myself ready for this new (or not so new location. I lived in this city 20 years ago). I join with you in prayer “That it will be a place without toil and labor and it will be a place where we (I will) bear much fruit”. As I would often hear ministers say, I would need significant help to misunderstand this prayer and the messages I have heard about this move!! I just need to do what needs to be done to step into this new vision.  Thank you again, and may the Lord continue to bless your ministry. I am so glad I finally became a partner. I won’t be missing any more of your timely messages!  M.B

Kim & Staff, this is not a prayer request but a thank you. You cannot believe how many times in the last few months that your ministry has spoken DIRECTLY to me! So, yesterday, I decided to begin giving to your ministry and become a partner. TODAY, was your wonderful heartfelt thank you…to me and your many other partners in the Lord! Talk about instant! Again, it was as though God was speaking directly to me through you. You have blessed me beyond belief. Thank you again for your hard work and blessings to you and your family. God is amazing!   S.B.

Sister Kim,  Thank you so much for these daily affirmations. I speak them out loud and this helps a lot when you don’t know what to say of a day sometimes. I am so thankful that I am a part of this ministry. You don’t know how many times God used you to speak into my life. The amazing thing is you don’t know what’s been going on in my life and your words match right along to my situations. That’s God for you! So thankful for the body. Keep being used by the Lord and leading us into his truth. God bless.  J.C.

Today, I ask you to pray and seek God about becoming a monthly partner with our ministry.  To become one of those who give consistently each month.  You can do so online at our website.

A friend recently said to me… “your daily writings go out to everyone free…yet they are not free to send out.”  This is true.  She also reminded me that consistency is the key to breakthrough.  As we consistently read the word, pray daily, worship God and give to His kingdom … breakthrough comes.   We can’t pray one time a year and expect a breakthrough.  For our partners, we are in covenant with them consistently.  We consistently send out daily writings, prayers, audio prayers, teachings and notes.  We consistently sow into our readers and especially our partners.

As a benefit to our partners, each month we have a Partner Teaching Call for partners only.  After the Partner Call, we share our study notes as well as a media audio file with our partners.

We also send out a monthly partner teaching letter.  Most recently, we have begun sending out an audio prayer that we pray over our partners.  This has been a blessing to many, we are told.  It goes out to our partner list each Monday morning.  I believe God is blessing many through this audio prayer.

We have seen many of our partners experience breakthrough this year.  We stand in faith with our partners each day until they see breakthrough – and as you can see from some of the emails I shared, we are honored to walk through difficult seasons with them.

God says…two are better than one…He says, there is power in the prayer of agreement – THAT is what we have with our partners, our monthly partners, and that bond is strong and fierce in prayer.   If you need a partner in prayer, consider partnering with us today.

If you would like to become a partner, shoot us an email, or go to our website – we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

2019 is going to be the best year yet!  We, our partners and I, are going into new places in God.  We hope you join us!  We bless you today, in Jesus name.  May God’s presence overwhelm you today as His wonderful love is seen in every area of your life.

Thank you for listening and praying…we appreciate you!

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