Karen Hardin of PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency is conducting a webinar for writers. I highly recommend Karen, her insight has been a treasure in my life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your writing to a new level, and if you have questions you have always wanted to ask a literary agent, this is your chance!

This is a valuable opportunity being placed before you….Reserve Your Spot Today…I have already reserved mine. – Kim



Karen says – “How can you make your writing stand out and get published? This webinar shares 7 important “booster” tips that will advance your writing level quickly. These tips work for articles, reports, short stories as well as full-length manuscripts.

As a literary agent, I read hundreds of manuscripts each year. It usually takes reading just one paragraph for me to recognize the level of the writer. No matter how good the story is, we often don’t continue reading when the level is low. When the writer knows these tips and uses them, it shows writing skill and increases your chances for publication significantly. These insights make the difference between mediocre writing and impact writing-and getting published.

So if you feel stuck at your present level and want to go higher this 1 hour webinar will help you do it.

If you register by May 10, you will receive a $10 discount. After that the price will be $35. You can listen live on May 15 and participate in the Q & A session afterwards or listen on your own timetable with the reply link.”

You can register here: https://priorityprgroup.webinarninja.co/my/wnwebinarlist/index?webinar_id=72582
Remember the $10 discount expires May 10.