Last night I had a series of dreams, all the same dream with small differences. The first dream I had it was Christmas day and I had not purchased any gifts for anyone, not for Breanne or the kids…and I was upset that I had not prepared.

In the second dream it was Christmas Eve and I was leaving to rush out and buy gifts because I had not prepared for Christmas, I knew I would have to choose from things that were picked over and I wasn’t happy about that.

The third dream it was Christmas Eve again and I was grabbing gifts for the kids, it was early in the morning so I was finding a few gifts. When I awoke from the last dream, I said ‘God why are you giving me these dreams?’ He said ‘Christmas is coming, get ready!’

Now, I am switching subjects but not entirely. If you were on the Healing Prayer Call this past week you heard me teach about hardening the heart. If you missed it you can hear it on their facebook page, facebook.com/HealingPrayerCall.

I realized last week that my heart had hardened to some things, especially in the area of finances. However, as I prayed and sought God about it and repented, He is blessing me, starting with small areas.

Through these dreams I realized one thing I had allowed my heart to harden about was Christmas in July. There have been a few years that God would say ‘we’re doing Christmas in July’ and I would indeed see blessings in that month. At the beginning of this month, God again said ‘Christmas in July!’ I remember when He said it thinking…I didn’t have Christmas in July last year, or the year before.’ OH NO! That is a hardened heart. Therefore when He gave me these dreams, my spirit was touched once again for Christmas in July. As I spent time with God this morning, I said ‘okay God, I believe every word you say and I refuse a hardened heart, I am preparing for Christmas in July!’

It doesn’t stop there – God always confirms His word….as I was waking up, my phone dinged letting me know I had an email. When I looked at it, I saw it was from a partner. She said ‘I just ran across one of my favorite writings from you.’ I looked at it and it said ‘Prepare to be Fat’ it was from 2012. I have to share it with you today, you see, God is speaking. It is Christmas in July – prepare for it. It is time for the fatted calve to come out – prepare for it. Enjoy this teaching from the archives!

Prepare to Be Fat!

As many of you know, Bryson, my little grandson is a treasure to me. God often speaks to me through him; on the other hand, he is a little boy; just as often he says things that are just funny. One time, a year or so ago, he jumped up in my lap and said ‘Nana, you have cracks in your face.’ At those times I know there is nothing spiritual, this is just my little fellow making me laugh with his sheer honesty.

However, there have been many times in the past that God has spoken to me through this little boy. I remember one time when I was struggling hard through some challenges he grabbed my hand and said he had a song for me; he began to sing ‘don’t give up, never give up, keep trying, keep trying.’

Another time I was asking God to tell me what the problem was in a particular situation, this prayer was a silent one just between me and God. After praying this prayer I went in my living room and Bryson said ‘Nana, there is a problem and the problem is you.’ I knew God was talking to me and I set about discerning and fixing the problem.

Just recently Bryson said something to me that made me laugh until I cried. It wasn’t until the following day that I realized God was again speaking to me through this little boy.

He loves to battle with swords, he will often get each of us a shield and a sword and we battle. I always lose, always. This particular day he wanted to battle, I told him I had to finish something but to get our swords ready and we would battle. He always comes back, dressed to battle and declares ‘Nana, prepare to battle!’

This time, as always, he came dressed for battle, raised his sword and declared ‘Nana, prepare to be fat!’ He had the funniest look on his face like he couldn’t believe it came out of his mouth and I think he wondered if I would laugh or be upset. I laughed until I cried.

I cannot tell you how many times I thought of this statement the next couple days. The following night I felt compelled to listen to a particular teaching, as I began to listen I was amazed to hear the base scripture from Malachi 4:2, it says; but to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves.

Over the next couple days I heard scripture after scripture about what God calls fat. Fat in the Bible means abounding in desirable elements, fertile, productive, rich, having an abundance or amplitude, yielding profit and plenty and having too much. I love the one that says ‘having too much.’ I believe God is telling us to prepare to have too much, prepare to yield a profit, prepare for the abundance of God.

God speaks to us in many ways, some are funny, some are serious and some are straight from the word of God. Whatever way He speaks to me He will usually confirm it as He did with this word. Prepare to be fat. Prepare to abound and prosper – I don’t know exactly what that means for you, I don’t know in which area you need abundance, but whatever it is…prepare for it.

For those of us who are seeking God, who fear His name, the Sun of Righteous is arising with healing in His wings, healing for our bodies, our marriages, our finances, our hearts…and as He arises we are going to go forth like fat, stall fed calves. We are going to be seen as the people of God who have more than enough, who have too much…God is saying prepare for it and I am preparing…how about you?Calf-leaping1