On the weekend of Jesse’s burial, I was driving home from my Mom’s when I received a phone call from Breanne.

She shared with me something that had happened to Bryson that morning and asked me to pray for him. My heart was broken over Jesse, and this disappointing news sent me over the edge.

I pulled over into a parking lot as I began to weep. I knew I needed to pray for Bryson. As I started to pray, I suddenly realized I didn’t feel that I had any faith. No faith at all to pray.

This was something I had not experienced. I had never felt an absence of faith…quite the opposite, I had always felt great faith when I prayed…this was something new and it was not good, especially at this moment. Especially when my little grandson needed me to have faith and pray.

There I sat, in the parking lot, crying from the depths of my soul, suddenly, God spoke to me and said ‘I am near the brokenhearted.’

From that moment on, regardless of how difficult and dark things appeared, I have never questioned that God was with me.

There were times I did not understand what was going on…there were times I didn’t feel faith…there were times I wanted to quit…but there was never a time when I thought God wasn’t with me. He had already said ‘I am near the brokenhearted.’

God walked with me through it all and I could feel His nearness at the worst times…what a loving God we serve!

The Bible says He will never leave us nor forsake us. The truth is, at the most disappointing times in our life – He is nearer than ever.

When my grandkids were small, there were times when I walked beside them, holding their hands. And then there were times when I carried them. There were times they were hurting or crying and I would hold them close to me, with their little body against my chest, so close they could feel my heartbeat. That is how close God is when our heart is broken.

He is so close when our hearts are broken, so close that if we listen carefully, we can hear the beat of His heart.

The holiday season is not a pleasant time for everyone. It is especially hard if you have lost a loved one. It is difficult if you are battling sickness. It is difficult if you have lack in your finances. Many things can make this time of year difficult…but you are not alone.

God is near the brokenhearted. He is near you. And when He is near, everything we have need of is near, we only have to believe it and receive it…we only have to lean into Him.

Today, as I reflect on all God has brought me through, the one thing I am is thankful. I am thankful for so much! I am thankful He never left me, that He was near when my heart was broken in tiny pieces. I am thankful He brought me through and brought me out.

I am thankful He is a restoring God. I am thankful He is a healing God. He is so faithful.

Friends, whatever and wherever you find yourself today, if you are one whose heart is broken, remember, God is near. He is so near the brokenhearted. If you listen closely, you will hear the sound of His heartbeat. You will feel the gentle breeze of His breath against your face, just lean in to Him.

What an awesome God we serve!

Know that I am praying diligently for you this morning. I am praying for peace, joy and abundance to be poured out into your life. I am praying for healing and restoration to visit you this season. And I am praying that the God of all Hope will fill you with His Hope this Christmas season and you will know the great love He has for you…may you know His endless love.

With much love,
Kim Potter

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