It was 2021 when God first showed me this – today, I felt led it share it with you again today. I think of this often. I want MY city to be such a city, how about you?

One night I was listening to a prophetic minister when something they said jumped in my spirit.  They said, “God said there would be cities of light.  In these cities there would be little crime and little sickness, if any.”

Oh, my goodness!  How this ignited my faith!  We have all been praying for our cities consistently, now we had a word from God that, quite frankly, caused me to want to pray more and to pray fervently over my city.  I WANT MY CITY TO BE A CITY OF LIGHT.

I wanted to share this word, but I waited on confirmation.  January 7, 2021, I was listening to another prophetic minister when he said, “God said there would be cities of light, points of light and these places would be cities of intercession.”

That was indeed my confirmation.  It confirmed everything I was hearing in my spirit.  That there would indeed be cities of light and those cities would be the ones which were saturated in intercession – that, my friend, could be your city.

I immediately began to declare that my city, Dayton, Tennessee, would be a city of light.  It would be a city of intercession, a point of light.  A city that the glory of God would be evident upon.  A city set apart unto God.

I wanted to share these two words with you again today to invite you to declare that your city shall be a city of light – set apart unto God.  I also wanted to remind you that this is Biblical.  We know the story of the children of Israel being delivered from bondage.  But did you realize, not all the plagues that happened in Egypt happened in the city where God’s people lived?  In Goshen.  It’s true.  It was a city set apart unto God.  When it was darkest in Egypt, there remained light in Goshen.  (Exodus 10)

I don’t know about you, but I am determined for my city to become a city of light.  Therefore, I am declaring this daily, and I didn’t stop there.  I sowed a seed and named it Dayton, a city of light.  I invite you to do the same thing today.

Friends, God has a good plan for us – one with a hope and a future and part of that hope is that OUR city will be a city of light – won’t you join me in proclaiming your city is indeed one of those.

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